Atlanta Reign

Atlanta Reign

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,386,098.00 From 13 Tournaments

The Atlanta Reign are an Overwatch League franchise team representing Atlanta, Georgia. They are one of the league's eight expansion teams of the 2019 Overwatch season. The team is owned by Cox Enterprises, with Atlanta Esports Ventures, a partnership between Cox and Province, Inc., operating the team.

Atlanta Reign Roster Summary

Overwatch (ATL Academy)$191,098.0013.79%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$477,983.3434.48%
2.United States United States$477,704.5734.46%
3.Finland Finland$152,301.5910.99%
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$142,857.1410.31%
5.Russian Federation Russian Federation$32,777.782.36%
6.Germany Germany$22,123.021.60%
7.Sweden Sweden$6,666.670.48%
8.Denmark Denmark$2,777.780.20%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States GatorBlake Scott$181,113.16
2.Finland MasaaPetja Kantanen$152,301.59
3.United States HawkXander Domecq$148,335.38
4.Korea, Republic of EdisonKim, Tae Hoon$119,523.81
5.Korea, Republic of Lr1sKim, Seung Hyun$119,107.14
6.United Kingdom KSPKai Collins$112,857.14
7.Korea, Republic of PelicanOh, Se Hyun$112,857.14
8.United Kingdom FunnyAstroDaniel Hathaway$55,036.90
9.United States DogmanDusttin Bowerman$43,219.11
10.Korea, Republic of ErsterJeong, Joon$39,444.45
11.Korea, Republic of PokpoPark, Hyeon Jun$39,444.45
12.United States FrdWnrNathan Goebel$36,666.67
13.United States saucyGarrett Roland$35,061.57
14.Korea, Republic of DacoSeo, Dong Hyung$32,777.78
15.Russian Federation NLaaeRIlya Koppalov$32,777.78
16.United States babybayAndrej Francisty$30,416.67
17.United States SugarfreeKamden Hijada$28,811.57
18.Germany kodaKSteven Rosenberger$22,123.02
19.Korea, Republic of PERFACTYe Seung, An$14,828.57
20.United States AjaxAlex Jackson$7,174.67
21.United States FireAnthony King$6,666.67
22.Sweden SharPHugo Sahlberg$6,666.67
23.United States berdTroy Grady$6,108.33
24.Denmark dafranDaniel Francesca$2,777.78


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