Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Dragons

Total Prize Money Earned:
$755,000.00 From 5 Tournaments

The Shanghai Dragons are an Overwatch League franchise team representing Shanghai, China. They are one of the league's twelve inaugural teams and is one of four professional Overwatch teams based in China along with the Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, and Hangzhou Spark. The team is owned by NetEase.

Shanghai Dragons Roster Summary


Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$646,249.9585.60%
2.China China$81,666.6410.82%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.China DiyaLu, Weida$69,166.66
2.Korea, Republic of GeguriKim, Se Yeon$69,166.66
3.Korea, Republic of DDingYang, Jin Hyeok$67,083.33
4.Korea, Republic of diemBae, Min Seong$67,083.33
5.Korea, Republic of LuffyYang, Seong Hyeon$67,083.33
6.Korea, Republic of FearlessLee, Eui Seok$46,944.44
7.Korea, Republic of FletaKim, Byeong Seon$42,083.33
8.Korea, Republic of IzayakiKim, Min Chul$42,083.33
9.Korea, Republic of LeeJaeGonLee, Jae Gon$42,083.33
10.Korea, Republic of LIPLee, Jae Won$42,083.33
11.Korea, Republic of Stand1Seo, Ji Won$42,083.33
12.Korea, Republic of VoidKang, Jun Woo$42,083.33
13.Korea, Republic of CoMaSon, Kyeong Woo$25,000.00
14.Korea, Republic of GuardianCho, Joon Hwan$25,000.00
15.Korea, Republic of YOUNGJINJin, Yong Jin$25,000.00
16.Korea, Republic of GamsuNoh, Yeong In$22,222.22
17.Korea, Republic of AdoCheon, Ki Hyeon$2,083.33
18.China AlteringYage, Cheng$2,083.33
19.Korea, Republic of DaeminKim, Dae Min$2,083.33
20.China FreefeelXu, Peixuan$2,083.33
21.China mgDongjian, Wu$2,083.33
22.China RoshanJing, Wenhao$2,083.33
23.China SIOChen, Zhaoyu$2,083.33
24.China SkyHe, Junjian$2,083.33
25.China XushuLiu, Junjie$2,083.33


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