Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws

Total Prize Money Earned:
$521,172.00 From 9 Tournaments

The Houston Outlaws are an Overwatch League franchise team representing Houston, Texas. They are one of the league's twelve inaugural teams and is one of two professional Overwatch teams based in Texas along with the Dallas Fuel. The team is owned by Hector Rodriguez, owner and CEO of OpTic Gaming.

Houston Outlaws Roster Summary

Overwatch (GG Esports Academy)$26,172.005.02%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$241,185.1146.28%
2.United States United States$167,808.4732.20%
3.Denmark Denmark$52,142.8610.00%
4.Finland Finland$9,204.551.77%
5.Belgium Belgium$9,204.551.77%
6.Canada Canada$8,750.001.68%
7.Sweden Sweden$6,250.001.20%
8.Brazil Brazil$454.550.09%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States DantehDanteh Cruz$57,597.41
2.Korea, Republic of PelicanOh, Se Hyun$56,309.53
3.Korea, Republic of LastroMoon, Jung Won$54,642.86
4.Korea, Republic of MER1TChoi, Tae Min$54,642.86
5.Korea, Republic of CreativeKim, Young Wan$52,142.86
6.Denmark DogeTomas Kongsøre$52,142.86
7.United States LepJoseph Cambriani$52,142.86
8.United States BoinkDaniel Pence$9,204.55
9.Finland LiNkzrJiri Masalin$9,204.55
10.United States MumaAustin Wilmot$9,204.55
11.United States RawkusShane Flaherty$9,204.55
12.Belgium SPREEAlexandre Vanhomwegen$9,204.55
13.Korea, Republic of ArHaNJeong, Won Hyoup$8,750.00
14.Canada BaniChris Benell$8,750.00
15.United States coolmatt69Matthew Iorio$8,750.00
16.United States JakeJake Revis$8,750.00
17.United States clockworkMatt Dias$6,250.00
18.United States FCTFCTNRussell Campbell$6,250.00
19.Sweden MendokusaiiLucas Håkansson$6,250.00
20.Korea, Republic of AidGo, Jae Yoon$3,026.44
21.Portugal GreyyLuís Perestrelo$3,026.44
22.Canada KellarJustin Kellar$3,026.44
23.Sweden SharPHugo Sahlberg$3,026.44
24.Korea, Republic of smurfYoo, Myeong Hwan$3,026.44
25.United States TehpwnzorrJoshua Nguyen$3,026.44


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