Hong Kong Attitude

Total Prize Money Earned:
$846,742.11 From 58 Tournaments

Hong Kong Attitude Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$497,113.1658.71%
League of Legends$159,554.0018.84%
League of Legends (HKA Mage)$11,085.301.31%
League of Legends (HKA Priest)$22,882.482.70%
StarCraft 2$36,703.174.33%

Country Summary

1.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$134,320.4415.86%
2.Hong Kong Hong Kong$113,234.4913.37%
3.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$28,440.493.36%
4.Macao Macao$480.000.06%
5.Singapore Singapore$210.970.02%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Taiwan, Republic of China EZChang, Chih-Ying$81,526.40
2.Hong Kong TheManYu, Han-Li$78,584.13
3.Taiwan, Republic of China AbaoWei, Guan-qun$77,600.46
4.Taiwan, Republic of China XiaoLinCai, You-Lin$77,600.46
5.Taiwan, Republic of China OutcastChen, Wei-Ting$45,732.75
6.Taiwan, Republic of China SenYang, Chia Cheng$39,703.17
7.Taiwan, Republic of China DaDaGuo, Da-Ming$33,089.64
8.Taiwan, Republic of China XiXiChuang, Chi-Kang$33,089.64
9.Taiwan, Republic of China Wall EChang, Chun-Kai$32,105.97
10.Taiwan, Republic of China LuYaoChang, Wei-Te$20,016.39
11.Hong Kong ManGoJaiWong, Kin Long$18,823.55
12.Taiwan, Republic of China ATingChen, Shao Hua$17,323.55
13.Taiwan, Republic of China ShaiuLinLin, Keng Yu$17,323.55
14.Hong Kong KaiwingLing, Kai Wing$16,482.15
15.Hong Kong UnifiedWong, Chun Kit$16,482.15
16.Taiwan, Republic of China M1ssionChen, Hsiao Hsien$14,963.14
17.Taiwan, Republic of China CQBYang, Hao Cheng$12,908.72
18.Hong Kong MnMWong, Ka Chun$10,548.75
19.Hong Kong MooweYip, Chi-Yeung$9,377.55
20.Taiwan, Republic of China HolidayCow-, -$8,788.17
21.Taiwan, Republic of China Randy- -$8,788.17
22.Hong Kong GodKwaiCheung, Wo Kwai$8,714.39
23.Taiwan, Republic of China 3zChen, Han$8,248.75
24.Korea, Republic of RirisBaek, Seung Min$7,925.36
25.Korea, Republic of CrashLee, Dong Woo$7,248.75


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