ahq e-Sports Club

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,077,499.07 From 54 Tournaments
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ahq e-Sports Club Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$95,000.008.82%
Clash Royale$0.000.00%
Heroes of the Storm$6,133.560.57%
League of Legends$737,514.5768.45%
League of Legends (ahq Fighter)$26,279.382.44%
League of Legends (ahq Snipers)$0.000.00%
Overwatch (ahq S)$17,318.771.61%

Country Summary

1.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$824,957.2976.56%
2.Singapore Singapore$43,230.484.01%
3.China China$23,321.522.16%
4.Macao Macao$8,125.000.75%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Taiwan, Republic of China westdoorLiu, Shu Wei$129,522.59
2.Taiwan, Republic of China MrAlbisKang, Chia Wei$106,346.84
3.Taiwan, Republic of China ANChou, Chun An$85,751.38
4.Taiwan, Republic of China ZivChen, Yi$85,751.38
5.Taiwan, Republic of China MountainXue, Zhao Hong$84,546.99
6.Taiwan, Republic of China GreenTeaSa, Shang-Ching$64,280.29
7.Taiwan, Republic of China RogerLuo, Shengyuan$53,000.00
8.Taiwan, Republic of China PrydzChen, Kuang Feng$44,108.76
9.Singapore ChawyWong, Xing Lei$43,230.49
10.Taiwan, Republic of China GarnetDevilLai, Yi I-Meng$38,786.38
11.Taiwan, Republic of China NazChen, Tien Chih$34,024.48
12.China Dog-, -$23,321.52
13.Korea, Republic of ChaserKim, Hyung Min$14,000.00
14.Korea, Republic of HAKKim, Do Yeop$14,000.00
15.Korea, Republic of JJakShin, Chang Hoon$14,000.00
16.Korea, Republic of RushLee, Ho Yeon$14,000.00
17.Korea, Republic of SunKim, Sun Woo$14,000.00
18.Taiwan, Republic of China LazyTitanWan, Wei Kai$12,165.33
19.Taiwan, Republic of China LantyrZhang, Huai Cang$11,700.01
20.Taiwan, Republic of China EricEnnTsai, En Wei$11,363.55
21.Taiwan, Republic of China KrapyLiao, Hsien Ting$10,566.07
22.Taiwan, Republic of China Shaxy- -$10,250.00
23.Taiwan, Republic of China K3Lee, Guan Sian$10,125.00
24.Taiwan, Republic of China W1nnerWei Tsai, Hong$10,125.00
25.Taiwan, Republic of China KeresYang, Jun Yi$9,434.27


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