Trig Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$24,512.24 From 11 Tournaments

Player Transfers For Trig Esports

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Transfer DateIDNameFormer Team New Team
2015-08-06United States DTwoDaniel IkutaTrig Esports
2015-08-06Germany FaramirJan EngelmannTrig Esports
2015-08-06Sweden PowderHarald GimreTrig Esports
2015-06-25United Kingdom FunballerKieran PatidarTrig EsportsParadigm
2015-06-25Norway LawbsterEmil EvensenTrig EsportsParadigm
2015-06-25Denmark qvofredAnders KorsboTrig EsportsParadigm
2015-06-25Denmark TrixtankJeppe GyllingTrig EsportsParadigm
2015-06-25Netherlands XalieaJeroen KlaverTrig EsportsParadigm
2015-06-18Korea, Republic of MCJang, Min ChulTrig Esports
2015-03-06United States DTwoDaniel IkutaTrig Esports
2015-03-06Germany FaramirJan EngelmannTrig Esports
2015-03-06Sweden PowderHarald GimreTrig Esports
2015-02-11Korea, Republic of MCJang, Min ChulTrig Esports
2015-01-02United Kingdom FunballerKieran PatidarTrig Esports
2015-01-02Norway LawbsterEmil EvensenTrig Esports
2015-01-02Denmark qvofredAnders KorsboTrig Esports
2015-01-02Denmark TrixtankJeppe GyllingTrig Esports
2015-01-02Netherlands XalieaJeroen KlaverTrig Esports

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