Trig Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$24,512.24 From 11 Tournaments

Trig Esports Roster Summary

StarCraft 2$1,712.436.99%

Country Summary

1.Sweden Sweden$12,199.8149.77%
2.Denmark Denmark$4,000.0016.32%
3.Netherlands Netherlands$2,000.008.16%
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$2,000.008.16%
5.Norway Norway$2,000.008.16%
6.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$1,712.436.99%
7.Germany Germany$600.002.45%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Sweden PowderHarald Gimre$12,199.81
2.United Kingdom FunballerKieran Patidar$2,000.00
3.Norway LawbsterEmil Evensen$2,000.00
4.Denmark qvofredAnders Korsbo$2,000.00
5.Denmark TrixtankJeppe Gylling$2,000.00
6.Netherlands XalieaJeroen Klaver$2,000.00
7.Korea, Republic of MCJang, Min Chul$1,712.43
8.Germany FaramirJan Engelmann$600.00


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