Talon Esports (TLN)

Talon Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,413,366.92 From 91 Tournaments

Talon was founded in 2016 in Hong Kong by a group of passionate gaming enthusiasts who have been fragging since the times of dial-up internet. Having spent successful careers in banking, technology and entertainment, the founders have instilled the core values of continuous improvement, innovation and hard work into the culture, winning multiple titles across various games with our content being viewed extensively across the globe.

Talon Esports Roster Summary

Arena of Valor Thailand$805,877.5757.02%
Clash Royale$0.000.00%
Dota 2$111,228.007.87%
League of Legends (PSG Talon)$30,000.002.12%
Rainbow Six Siege$106,591.587.54%
Starcraft II$5,515.620.39%
Street Fighter V$15,500.001.10%
Tekken 7$22,831.651.62%

Country Summary

1.Thailand Thailand$875,265.2961.93%
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$253,269.1117.92%
3.Indonesia Indonesia$44,491.203.15%
4.Hong Kong Hong Kong$40,813.242.89%
5.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$23,172.621.64%
6.Australia Australia$22,245.601.57%
7.Japan Japan$14,475.561.02%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Thailand TonyEikapong Korhonen$128,792.86
2.Thailand ErezPasu Yensabai$128,342.28
3.Thailand IpodProPakkapon Saethong$128,342.28
4.Thailand HappyChatchanapong Pijitwarakarn$117,171.21
5.Thailand MOOPPeerawat Piachart$93,331.36
6.Thailand NTNzThana Somboonprom$92,880.78
7.Thailand OverflySatittirat Chetnarong$41,777.16
8.Thailand MunezSuriya Prataphan$32,261.50
9.Korea, Republic of GogoraLee, Ji Yoon$23,093.04
10.Indonesia HydeBrizio Budiana$22,245.60
11.Australia kpiiDamien Chok$22,245.60
12.Indonesia MikotoRafli Fathur Rahman$22,245.60
13.Thailand 23savageNuengnara Teeramahanon$20,445.60
14.Thailand QWorawit Mekchai$20,445.60
15.Thailand DifoxnParit Pornrattanapitak$18,795.61
16.Thailand BookNopparut Hempamorn$18,417.60
17.Korea, Republic of BashfulKang, Bo Hyun$17,172.62
18.Taiwan, Republic of China CQBYang, Hao Cheng$17,172.62
19.Korea, Republic of MuZeKim, Young Hun$17,172.62
20.Korea, Republic of SoldierLee, Si-hyeon$16,963.36
21.Hong Kong HotDog29Yeh, Man Ho$15,500.00
22.Thailand oPuToUbon Dara$15,089.29
23.Japan AzzyyySMasaki Someya$14,475.54
24.Korea, Republic of KanosLee, Seong-beom$12,999.38
25.Korea, Republic of ArrowPark, Min Seok$12,649.64


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