Nutdanai "MrSunz" Rungruang - Arena of Valor Player

Nutdanai Rungruang
(ณัฐดนัย รุ่งเรือง)
Date of Birth:
September 11, 1994
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$66,570.08 From 32 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
MrSunz, `KNS__

Results by Team

$40,735.52 From 5 Tournaments
61.19% of Total Prize Money Earned

2023-04-029thTeam-based Tournament » RoV Pro League 2023 Summer฿28,571$844.18Arena of Valor
2022-10-098thTeam-based Tournament » RoV Pro League 2022 Winter฿28,571$763.43Arena of Valor
2019-10-125thTeam-based Tournament » RoV Pro League Season 4฿40,000$1,308.88Arena of Valor
2019-04-071stTeam-based Tournament » RoV Pro League Season 3฿1,200,000$37,720.80Arena of Valor
2018-10-207thTeam-based Tournament » RoV Pro League Season 2฿3,125$98.23Arena of Valor

$3,200.00 From 1 Tournament
4.81% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-07-145th-8thTeam-based Tournament » Arena of Valor World Cup 2019-$3,200.00Arena of Valor

$11,471.89 From 11 Tournaments
17.23% of Total Prize Money Earned

2015-03-293rdTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Season 3 World Finals-$3,600.00Heroes of Newerth
2015-02-201stTeam-based Tournament » HTT Summer 2015 Cycle 1฿14,000$429.98Heroes of Newerth
2014-12-202ndTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Thailand 2014 Grand Final฿30,000$912.66Heroes of Newerth
2014-06-151stTeam-based Tournament » HTT 2014 Cycle 1 G-League฿20,000$617.67Heroes of Newerth
2014-03-305th-6thTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Season 2 World Finals-$2,637.80Heroes of Newerth
2014-03-091stTeam-based Tournament » SEA HoN Tour Grand Final 2013฿50,000$1,551.35Heroes of Newerth
2013-11-284thTeam-based Tournament » SEA HoN Tour 2: G-League, Cycle 4S$170.00$135.41Heroes of Newerth
2013-11-074thTeam-based Tournament » SEA HoN Tour 2: G-League, Cycle 3S$170.00$136.59Heroes of Newerth
2013-10-031stTeam-based Tournament » SEA HoN Tour 2: G-League, Cycle 2S$800.00$640.62Heroes of Newerth
2013-06-301stTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Thailand 2013 Grand Final฿20,000$643.09Heroes of Newerth
2013-05-262ndTeam-based Tournament » HTT 2013 May G-League฿5,000$166.72Heroes of Newerth

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$11,162.67 From 15 Tournaments
16.77% of Total Prize Money Earned

2021-08-298thTeam-based Tournament » SEA Icon Series 2021: Fall - Thailand฿5,714$175.52League of Legends: Wild Rift
2021-05-305thTeam-based Tournament » SEA Icon Series 2021: Summer - Thailand฿14,286$456.91League of Legends: Wild Rift
2018-12-165th-8thTeam-based Tournament » AoV International Championship 2018-$4,000.00Arena of Valor
2018-04-014thTeam-based Tournament » RoV Pro League Season 1฿42,857$1,320.27Arena of Valor
2017-06-114thTeam-based Tournament » HTT 2017 Cycle 1 G-League฿6,000$176.09Heroes of Newerth
2017-01-311stTeam-based Tournament » HoN GSL 2017 1st Qualifiers฿20,000$569.69Heroes of Newerth
2016-12-111stTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Thailand 2016 Grand Finals฿40,000$1,122.96Heroes of Newerth
2016-02-112ndTeam-based Tournament » HoN Road 2 GSL2016 [1st]฿1,200$34.07Heroes of Newerth
2015-11-224thTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Thailand Winter 2015 Grand Final฿6,000$168.07Heroes of Newerth
2015-06-215th-6thTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Thailand Summer 2015 Grand Final฿3,000$89.17Heroes of Newerth
2015-05-013rdTeam-based Tournament » HTT Summer 2015 Cycle 3฿6,000$181.94Heroes of Newerth
2013-05-051stTeam-based Tournament HoN Road To DreamHack Summer 2013฿20,000$673.29Heroes of Newerth
2013-04-281stTeam-based Tournament » HTT 2013 April G-League฿10,000$341.53Heroes of Newerth
2013-03-313rdTeam-based Tournament » Garena Star League 2013-$1,600.00Heroes of Newerth
2012-06-102ndTeam-based Tournament » HoN Bangkok Tournament 2012฿8,000$253.16Heroes of Newerth


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