Jo "hero" Il Jang - StarCraft: Brood War Player

Jo, Il Jang
Date of Birth:
June 20, 1990
Korean Age:
Korea, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$69,669.72 From 40 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
by.hero, firepunchcolor, GOM[WHITE], hero

Results by Team

$12,966.01 From 11 Tournaments
18.61% of Total Prize Money Earned

2011-06-119th-16th» ABC Mart MSL 2011₩2,000,000$1,841.88StarCraft: Brood War
2011-01-293rd» Bacchus OSL 2010 (Ro36)₩100,000$89.67StarCraft: Brood War
2010-08-289th-16th» Bigfile MSL 2010₩2,000,000$1,671.12StarCraft: Brood War
2010-05-223rd» Korean Air OSL #1 2010 (Ro36)₩100,000$83.82StarCraft: Brood War
2010-01-239th-16th» NATE MSL 2009₩2,000,000$1,735.51StarCraft: Brood War
2010-01-172nd» EVER OSL 2009 (Ro36)₩150,000$133.56StarCraft: Brood War
2009-08-229th-16th» Bacchus OSL 2009 (Playoffs)₩2,000,000$1,605.39StarCraft: Brood War
2009-04-043rd-4th» Batoo OSL 2009 (Playoffs)₩7,000,000$5,260.39StarCraft: Brood War
2009-04-041st» Batoo OSL 2009 (Ro36)₩250,000$187.87StarCraft: Brood War
2009-03-2117th-32nd» Lost Saga MSL 2009₩500,000$356.80StarCraft: Brood War
2008-07-134thTeam-based Tournament » Shinhan Bank Proleague 2008 (Regular Season)₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$56,703.71 From 29 Tournaments
81.39% of Total Prize Money Earned

2021-01-202ndTeam-based Tournament KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 4₩243,750$212.06StarCraft: Brood War
2020-11-1513th-16th» Afreeca Starleague Season 10₩1,500,000$1,351.50StarCraft: Brood War
2020-10-143rdTeam-based Tournament KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 3₩318,750$277.31StarCraft: Brood War
2020-07-013rdTeam-based Tournament KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 2₩393,750$326.81StarCraft: Brood War
2018-05-273rd» Afreeca Starleague Season 5₩5,000,000$4,640.00StarCraft: Brood War
2017-11-122nd» Afreeca Starleague Season 4₩20,000,000$17,840.00StarCraft: Brood War
2017-06-105th-6th» SSL Classic Season 1₩1,600,000$1,422.40StarCraft: Brood War
2017-06-039th-16th» Afreeca Starleague Season 3₩300,000$268.20StarCraft: Brood War
2017-06-022ndTeam-based Tournament AfreecaTV Clan League₩166,667$148.50StarCraft: Brood War
2017-01-225th-8th» Afreeca Starleague Season 2₩500,000$425.50StarCraft: Brood War
2016-09-105th-8th» Afreeca Starleague Season 1₩500,000$441.50StarCraft: Brood War
2015-11-19WIN» KCM Legend Match - #5 hero vs. sSak₩70,000$60.57StarCraft: Brood War
2015-10-191stBisu Blind League₩2,000,000$1,760.00StarCraft: Brood War
2015-10-073rd-4thSpicy Rice Cake Tournament Season 1₩50,000$43.27StarCraft: Brood War
2015-08-301st» 11th SonicTV BJ Starleague₩20,000,000$16,940.00StarCraft: Brood War
2015-03-014thKongdoo Starz League₩1,000,000$907.00StarCraft: Brood War
2015-02-159th-16th» 10th SonicTV BJ Starleague₩500,000$461.00StarCraft: Brood War
2014-09-232ndBCTV Starleague Season 1₩700,000$670.60StarCraft: Brood War
2014-09-18LOSEHungryApp Special Matches-$1,000.00StarCraft: Brood War
2014-07-112ndSbenu All-Stars Tournament₩2,000,000$1,951.79StarCraft: Brood War
2014-06-183rd2nd LoveTV BJ Starleague₩300,000$293.52StarCraft: Brood War
2014-03-152nd9th SonicTV BJ Starleague₩3,000,000$2,799.42StarCraft: Brood War
2014-03-082nd41 Starleague Season 1₩200,000$195.18StarCraft: Brood War
2014-02-252nd1st ZeuS Starleague₩300,000$279.54StarCraft: Brood War
2014-01-233rd1st LoveTV BJ Starleague₩300,000$278.52StarCraft: Brood War
2013-09-083rd» 16th SOSPA Ranking Tournament₩300,000$274.59StarCraft: Brood War
2013-08-023rd» 15th SOSPA Ranking Tournament₩200,000$178.60StarCraft: Brood War
2013-05-184th8th SonicTV BJ Starleague₩1,000,000$894.49StarCraft: Brood War
2012-10-18Round 1» GSL Season 4 2012 (Code A)₩400,000$361.84StarCraft II


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