Park "GoRush" Tae Min - StarCraft: Brood War Player

Park, Tae Min
Date of Birth:
December 24, 1984
Korean Age:
Korea, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$105,263.65 From 29 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$80.27 From 1 Tournament
0.08% of Total Prize Money Earned

2009-08-223rd» Bacchus OSL 2009 (Ro36)₩100,000$80.27StarCraft: Brood War

$28,800.38 From 12 Tournaments
27.36% of Total Prize Money Earned

2008-07-132ndTeam-based Tournament » Shinhan Bank Proleague 2008 (Regular Season)₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2008-03-0817th-32nd» GOMTV MSL #4 2008₩500,000$522.04StarCraft: Brood War
2007-11-1717th-32nd» GOMTV MSL #3 2007₩500,000$544.94StarCraft: Brood War
2007-07-143rd-4th» GOMTV MSL #2 2007₩5,000,000$5,450.48StarCraft: Brood War
2007-02-249th-16th» ShinHan OSL #3 2006₩2,000,000$2,130.25StarCraft: Brood War
2006-11-185th-8th» ShinHan OSL #2 2006₩3,000,000$3,206.82StarCraft: Brood War
2006-07-169th-12th» Pringles MSL #1 2006₩1,500,000$1,568.42StarCraft: Brood War
2006-06-239th-16th» ShinHan OSL #1 2006₩2,000,000$2,092.84StarCraft: Brood War
2006-01-211stTeam-based Tournament » SKY Proleague 2005 (Round 2)₩5,000,000$4,807.50StarCraft: Brood War
2005-08-213rd-4th» CKCG 2005 (SC:BW 1v1)CN¥20,000$2,467.71StarCraft: Brood War
2005-07-301stTeam-based Tournament » SKY Proleague 2005 (Round 1)₩6,250,000$6,009.38StarCraft: Brood War
2005-07-024th » EVER OSL 2005₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War

$75,676.29 From 14 Tournaments
71.89% of Total Prize Money Earned

2005-03-053rd » IOPS OSL 2004₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2005-02-061st» YATGK MSL 2004₩25,000,000$24,425.99StarCraft: Brood War
2005-01-222nd» KT KTF Premiere League 2nd Edition (InterLeague Finals)₩10,000,000$9,629.27StarCraft: Brood War
2005-01-221st» KT KTF Premiere League 2nd Edition (MBCGame)₩6,400,000$6,162.73StarCraft: Brood War
2004-11-209th-16th » EVER OSL 2004₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2004-08-282ndTeam-based Tournament 2004 Tucson MBCGame Team League₩1,666,667$1,580.83StarCraft: Brood War
2004-07-319th-16th » Gillette OSL 2004₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2004-03-215th-8th » NHN OSL 2003₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2004-02-283rdTeam-based Tournament 2003-2004 LG IBM MBC Team League₩1,000,000$929.97StarCraft: Brood War
2003-07-197th-8th » Stout MSL 2003₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2003-06-221stTeam-based Tournament KeMongSa KPGA Tour Team League 2003₩2,500,000$2,947.50StarCraft: Brood War
2001-12-093rd» WCG 2001 (StarCraft: Brood War)-$5,000.00StarCraft: Brood War
2001-09-089th-16th » Coca-Cola OSL 2001₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2000-10-151st» WCG Challenge 2000 (StarCraft: Brood War)-$25,000.00StarCraft: Brood War

$265.71 From 1 Tournament
0.25% of Total Prize Money Earned

2004-02-285th-6thTeam-based Tournament 2003-2004 LG IBM MBC Team League₩285,714$265.71StarCraft: Brood War

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$441.00 From 1 Tournament
0.42% of Total Prize Money Earned

2017-04-262ndTeam-based Tournament Ajae League Season 1₩500,000$441.00StarCraft: Brood War


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