Kang "san" Cho-Won - StarCraft II Player

Kang, Cho-Won
Date of Birth:
May 14, 1990
Korean Age:
Korea, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$109,440.09 From 61 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
kiddin, NSHoSeo.San, san, SanZenith, yoeFWSan

Results by Team

$79,579.37 From 30 Tournaments
72.72% of Total Prize Money Earned

2015-07-2425th-48th» GSL Season 3 2015 (Code A)₩400,000$343.60StarCraft II
2015-07-129th-16th» KeSPA Cup Season 2 2015₩350,000$310.28StarCraft II
2015-07-10LOSE» 2015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3 (Challenge)₩200,000$178.10StarCraft II
2015-06-133rd-4th» 3rd Hong Kong Esports Tournament (SC2)-$500.00StarCraft II
2015-06-03WINTeam-based Tournament » SHOUTcraft: yoeFW vs. SBENU-$83.33StarCraft II
2015-05-31WIN» Madals Showmatch: San vs. Petraeus-$150.00StarCraft II
2015-04-1725th-48th» GSL Season 2 2015 (Code A)₩400,000$365.60StarCraft II
2015-03-2225th-32nd» GSL Season 1 2015 (Code S)₩850,000$763.20StarCraft II
2015-02-019th-12th» IEM IX - Taipei (StarCraft 2)-$400.00StarCraft II
2014-12-213rd-4thCaseKing X-Mas Cup€200.00$244.44StarCraft II
2014-11-297th-8th» DreamHack Winter 2014 (SC2)-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2014-11-085th-8th» WCS 2014 Global Finals-$7,500.00StarCraft II
2014-10-053rd-4th» WCS Europe 2014 Season 3 Premier-$7,500.00StarCraft II
2014-09-145th-8th» KeSPA Cup 2014₩3,500,000$3,444.00StarCraft II
2014-08-245th-8th» Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit 2014-$800.00StarCraft II
2014-08-081st» Dragon Invitational Tournament #4-$1,200.00StarCraft II
2014-07-205th-8th» IEM IX - Shenzhen (StarCraft II)-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2014-07-062nd» WCS Europe 2014 Season 2 Premier-$15,000.00StarCraft II
2014-06-163rd-4th» DreamHack Summer 2014 (StarCraft II)-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2014-05-041st» TeSL 2013-2014 Season 3NT$70,000.00$2,317.31StarCraft II
2014-04-263rd-4th» GSL Global Championship 2014-$1,890.00StarCraft II
2014-04-213rdWarHounds-$50.00StarCraft II
2014-04-133rd-4th» WCS Europe 2014 Season 1 Premier-$7,500.00StarCraft II
2014-02-011st» Assembly Winter 2014 (StarCraft II)-$10,000.00StarCraft II
2014-01-121st» TeSL 2013-2014 Season 2NT$100,000.00$3,339.51StarCraft II
2013-12-172ndDailymotion Cup 2013-$2,500.00StarCraft II
2013-12-075th-8th» NorthCon 2013 (StarCraft II)-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2013-12-012nd» IEM VIII - Singapore (StarCraft II)-$4,000.00StarCraft II
2013-10-239th-16th» WCS Europe 2013 Season 3 Challenger-$200.00StarCraft II
2013-10-135th-8th» IEM VIII - New York (StarCraft II)-$1,000.00StarCraft II

$400.00 From 1 Tournament
0.37% of Total Prize Money Earned

2013-12-154thTeam-based Tournament » ATC Season 2-$400.00StarCraft II

$6,678.97 From 10 Tournaments
6.10% of Total Prize Money Earned

2013-08-173rd-4thLaG Gaming $1000 Tournament-$75.00StarCraft II
2013-08-032nd» Assembly Summer 2013 (StarCraft II)-$5,000.00StarCraft II
2013-07-204thTeam-based Tournament » GSTL Season 1₩416,667$371.64StarCraft II
2013-06-291st» ESET Masters 2013: Season 1 Finals-$250.00StarCraft II
2013-06-23WIN» ZOTAC Cup Starcraft II HotS #162 (EU)€100.00$131.22StarCraft II
2013-06-22WIN» ZOTAC Cup Starcraft II HotS #107 (NA)-$100.00StarCraft II
2013-06-02WIN» Go4SC2 EU #288€150.00$197.64StarCraft II
2013-06-01Round 1» WCS Korea 2013 Season 1 Challenger₩400,000$353.47StarCraft II
2013-05-291st» ESET Masters 2013: Season 1 Qualification Cup 5-$100.00StarCraft II
2013-01-12WIN» ZOTAC Cup Starcraft II #84 (NA)-$100.00StarCraft II

$16,596.19 From 13 Tournaments
15.16% of Total Prize Money Earned

2012-09-01WIN» ZOTAC Cup Starcraft II #67 (NA)-$100.00StarCraft II
2012-07-283rd-4thGrand Prix 2-$400.00StarCraft II
2012-07-285th-8thTeam-based Tournament » GSTL Season 2 2012₩250,000$219.60StarCraft II
2012-06-036thTeam-based Tournament Korean StarCraft II League Daily-$40.00StarCraft II
2012-04-075th-6thTeam-based Tournament » GSTL Season 1 2012₩250,000$221.03StarCraft II
2012-04-06WIN» Esports Weekly Match Weekly #6-$100.00StarCraft II
2012-03-092ndTeam-based Tournament » IPL TAC 2-$444.44StarCraft II
2012-01-302ndTeam-based Tournament » KSL - Team League January 2012-$50.00StarCraft II
2011-07-3017th-32nd» GSL July 2011 (Code A)₩200,000$189.83StarCraft II
2011-06-223rd-4th» ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 1 #2-$25.00StarCraft II
2011-05-1417th-32nd» GSL May 2011 (Code S)₩1,500,000$1,380.07StarCraft II
2011-04-093rd-4th» GSL World Championship Seoul 2011₩10,000,000$8,980.00StarCraft II
2011-03-193rd-4th» GSL March 2011 (Code S)₩5,000,000$4,446.22StarCraft II

$1,788.29 From 2 Tournaments
1.63% of Total Prize Money Earned

2011-01-2917th-32nd» GSL January 2011 (Code S)₩1,500,000$1,345.05StarCraft II
2010-11-1317th-32nd» GSL Open Season 2₩500,000$443.24StarCraft II

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$4,397.27 From 5 Tournaments
4.02% of Total Prize Money Earned

2013-09-151st» Go4SC2 EU #311€100.00$133.55StarCraft II
2012-12-14Round 1» GSL Season 5 2012 (Code A)₩400,000$372.05StarCraft II
2012-12-0217th-24th» IGN Pro League Season 5 (Starcraft II)-$300.00StarCraft II
2012-10-279th-16th» Auction All-Kill OSL 2012₩2,000,000$1,821.91StarCraft II
2010-10-029th-16th» GSL Open Season 1₩2,000,000$1,769.76StarCraft II


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