Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$2,028.16 From 9 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2014-10-10 to

"Xonotic is an addictive, arena-style first person shooter with crisp movement and a wide array of weapons. It combines intuitive mechanics with in-your-face action to elevate your heart rate. Xonotic is and will always be free-to-play. It is available under the copyleft-style GPLv2 license."


Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
2.Rev Cup #1$315.73
4.» XWCSMajor2$143.32
7.» XWCSMajor1$53.53
8.» XWCSMinor2$52.96

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game)
1.Finland SmilecytheAntero Kulusjärvi$475.25
2.Finland MossepoSanteri Tallqvist$342.81
3.Germany MirioMarvin Beck$187.59
4.Germany IslinnJeroen Maximoff$184.78
5.Serbia ZeRoQLDjordje Simonovic$164.86
6.United Kingdom KojaKCraig Clayton$138.79
7.Germany TalebJakob Gering$115.53
8.Germany GATTS- -$68.39
9.Germany sinetyNiklas Höger$65.24
10.Finland thimo- -$37.89
11.United States SPLATDaniel Howard$34.60
12.Netherlands DodgerJ Alaka$34.51
13.South Africa kougiJames Beach$32.62
14.Norway thearcoNUlrik Nordberg$27.29
15.Sweden Visse- -$19.57
16.Germany Waldi- -$17.20
17.Germany packerRobert Beckmann$13.05
18.Sweden machineKarl-Oskar Rikås$12.63
19.United States PCLizard- -$12.63
20.Russian Federation zrgAlexandr -$12.63
21.Russian Federation DraelorEvgeniy Petrosyan$12.50
22.Italy speciaL1^- -$12.50
23.Russian Federation atn- -$5.30

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$2,028.16100.00%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.Finland Finland$855.95
2.Germany Germany$651.78
3.Serbia Serbia$164.86
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$138.79
5.United States United States$47.23
6.Netherlands Netherlands$34.51
7.South Africa South Africa$32.62
8.Sweden Sweden$32.20
9.Russian Federation Russian Federation$30.43
10.Norway Norway$27.29

Other Notable Players

The following players may not have necessarily competed in this game, but have contributed to the competitive scene in other ways.

Germany IslinnJeroen MaximoffContent Creator
United Kingdom KojaKCraig ClaytonCommentator, Content Creator
Germany MirioMarvin BeckAnalyst, Content Creator, Tournament Organizer, Writer
Finland SmilecytheAntero KulusjärviContent Creator
Norway thearcoNUlrik NordbergTournament Organizer
Serbia ZeRoQLDjordje SimonovicContent Creator