Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$2,112.26 From 5 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2015-05-09 to
< no description available >

Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
1.BOXR: Reflex 01$1,035.00
2.eRath Inaugural$550.00
3.Reflex THC Cup #1$377.00
4.RMC NA #4$117.52
5.Rapture: Mini-Cup$32.74

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game)
1.Netherlands Vo0Sander Kaasjager$845.00
2.United States saneAnton Istomin$310.00
3.Bulgaria HAL_9000Tsvetan Tsvetkov$227.00
4.United States Thump4Jeffrey M.$150.00
5.United States Guilt- -$105.00
6.Russian Federation Lunokhod-2- -$100.00
7.Netherlands TerifireChristiaan Hondeveld$87.74
8.Estonia Vigur- -$52.88
9.Poland fagn4h- -$37.00
10.United States hoyt- -$29.38
11.United States FrenlyKevin McShane$20.00
12.United States Sharqosity- -$17.63
13.Finland LKO- -$8.81
14.United States Soh- -$4.41
15.United States writhe- -$4.41

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$1,994.7494.44%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.Netherlands Netherlands$932.74
2.United States United States$640.83
3.Bulgaria Bulgaria$227.00
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$100.00
5.Estonia Estonia$52.88
6.Poland Poland$37.00
7.Finland Finland$8.81