Occitanie Esports 2018

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2018-06-02 to 2018-06-03

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.France France$15,487.7573 Players
2.United Kingdom United Kingdom$3,553.833 Players
3.Sweden Sweden$3,079.992 Players
4.Denmark Denmark$2,132.301 Player
5.Slovenia Slovenia$2,132.301 Player
6.Croatia Croatia$947.691 Player
7.Netherlands Netherlands$710.762 Players
8.Switzerland Switzerland$699.603 Players
9.Greece Greece$592.302 Players
10.Belgium Belgium$532.142 Players
11.Czech Republic Czech Republic$473.842 Players
12.Slovakia Slovakia$236.921 Player
13.Austria Austria$174.901 Player
14.Germany Germany$174.901 Player
15.Poland Poland$145.755 Players
16.Hungary Hungary$118.461 Player
17.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$118.461 Player


Occitanie Esports 2018 (Fortnite)€5,000.00$5,830.00Fortnite 
Arma Cup Occitanie€4,500.00$5,343.54Hearthstone 
Occitanie Esports 2018 (LoL)€20,000.00$23,692.20League of Legends