ESL SEE Championship 2014

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2014-12-03 to 2014-12-17

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Serbia Serbia$1,062.348 Players
2.Bulgaria Bulgaria$802.005 Players
3.Croatia Croatia$717.686 Players
4.Germany Germany$691.234 Players
5.Romania Romania$652.539 Players
6.Greece Greece$530.407 Players
7.Turkey Turkey$487.473 Players
8.Poland Poland$248.131 Player
9.France France$162.491 Player
10.Norway Norway$162.491 Player
11.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$132.592 Players
12.Belgium Belgium$124.071 Player
13.Netherlands Netherlands$124.071 Player
14.Hungary Hungary$62.301 Player
15.Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of$61.691 Player
16.Cyprus Cyprus$31.151 Player


ESL SEE Championship 2014 (CS:GO)€1,025.00$1,264.66Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
ESL SEE Championship 2014 (WoT)€2,500.00$3,101.68World of Tanks 
ESL SEE Championship 2014 (LoL)€1,025.00$1,281.16League of Legends 
ESL SEE Championship 2014 (Hearthstone)€225.00$280.36Hearthstone 
ESL SEE Championship 2014 (StarCraft II)€225.00$278.92StarCraft II