ASUS Summer 2010

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2010-08-28 to 2010-08-29

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Sweden Sweden$9,770.105 Players
2.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$4,885.055 Players
3.Russian Federation Russian Federation$4,885.0415 Players
4.Ukraine Ukraine$3,093.836 Players
5.Belarus Belarus$1,954.022 Players
6.Germany Germany$781.604 Players
7.United States United States$488.501 Player
8.India India$195.401 Player


ASUS Summer 2010 (Counter-Strike AM)p.0$0.00Counter-Strike 
ASUS Summer 2010 (Counter-Strike)p.600,000$19,540.16Counter-Strike 
ASUS Summer 2010 (CS:Source)p.100,000$3,256.70Counter-Strike: Source 
ASUS Summer 2010 (DotA)p.0$0.00Defense of the Ancients 
ASUS Summer 2010 (Quake Live)p.0$0.00Quake Live 
ASUS Summer 2010 (Quake Live)p.100,000$3,256.69Quake Live