DreamHack Summer 2010

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2010-06-18 to 2010-06-21

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Denmark Denmark$8,986.287 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$6,511.8213 Players
3.Germany Germany$5,990.865 Players
4.Poland Poland$5,209.442 Players
5.Finland Finland$2,344.263 Players
6.Belarus Belarus$1,953.541 Player
7.France France$651.181 Player
8.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$260.471 Player


DreamHack Summer 2010 (Counter-Strike)100,000 SEK$13,023.61Counter-Strike 
DreamHack Summer 2010 (HoN)149,000 SEK$19,405.21Heroes of Newerth 
DreamHack Summer 2010 (Quake Live Duel)50,000 SEK$6,511.80Quake Live 
DreamHack Summer 2010 (SF4)0 SEK$0.00Street Fighter IV