PWC 2019

Atlanta, Georgia
2019-11-09 to
Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

The HRX: Paladins World Chapionship 2019 is an event held by Hi-Rez Studios to finalize the official 2019 Paladins eSports season. The top Paladins teams from around the world come together to see who will be crowned the Season 3 Paladins world champion.

Prize pool: 300.000$

8 Teams participate:
    2 from Europe
    2 from North America
    4 from Qualifier Tournament

Tournament Results

Prize Money By Country

1.United States United States$96,666.6714 Players
2.Australia Australia$36,666.675 Players
3.Bulgaria Bulgaria$28,666.673 Players
4.Brazil Brazil$25,000.005 Players
5.Norway Norway$24,666.672 Players
6.Sweden Sweden$24,666.672 Players
7.Ireland Ireland$16,666.671 Player
8.Finland Finland$10,000.002 Players
9.Netherlands Netherlands$10,000.002 Players
10.Belgium Belgium$6,000.001 Player
11.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$6,000.001 Player
12.Denmark Denmark$5,000.001 Player
13.Japan Japan$5,000.001 Player
14.Portugal Portugal$5,000.001 Player


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