Total Prize Money Earned:
$259,975.33 From 75 Tournaments

UYU Roster Summary

Call of Duty$27,500.0010.58%
Dragon Ball FighterZ$729.750.28%
Fighting Games$0.000.00%
Mortal Kombat$5,800.002.23%
Street Fighter$54,737.0621.05%
Super Smash Bros.$0.000.00%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$73,573.5728.30%
2.Japan Japan$33,798.6913.00%
3.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$29,926.4611.51%
4.United States United States$20,059.757.72%
5.Ireland Ireland$3,807.861.46%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of QudansByeong, Mun Son$74,056.00
2.Japan DoubleShoji Takakubo$33,366.67
3.Taiwan, Republic of China Oil KingLi Wei Lin$29,926.46
4.Korea, Republic of NLSim, Geon$23,685.00
5.Korea, Republic of LowHighYoon, Sun Woong$19,102.70
6.Korea, Republic of JEOnddingJeon, Sang Hyun$16,729.87
7.United States Princess LingTray Sherman$8,433.40
8.United States RewindCurtis McCall$5,800.00
9.United States DeoxysJulien Gorena$5,280.00
10.Ireland FergusFergus McGee$3,807.86
11.United States BlaztRasim Ogresevic$3,000.00
12.United States ClassicNicholas Di Costanzo$3,000.00
13.United States MethodzAnthony Zinni$3,000.00
14.United States PhantomzTimothy Landis$3,000.00
15.United States SaintsRenato Forza$3,000.00
16.United States InfamousKevin Aleman$2,500.00
17.United States InkogEduardo Rada$2,500.00
18.United States Jackie TranJackie Tran$2,500.00
19.United States MRuizMike Ruiz$2,500.00
20.United States NYC Fab- -$2,500.00
21.United States PentagrxmNathaniel Thomas$2,500.00
22.United States RickstahRicky Uehara$2,500.00
23.United States WrecksDillon Slotter$2,500.00
24.United States ZyyralBrandon Borchardt$2,500.00
25.United States Brian_FBrian Foster$875.60


UYU on Twitter: "UYU is excited to enter into the world of Smash with our first signing - the Canadian Melee superstar and Capt
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