Hanwha Life Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$305,806.18 From 20 Tournaments

Top Players For Hanwha Life Esports

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of VstaOh, Hyo Seong$28,705.32$36,874.9277.85%
2.Korea, Republic of ChovyJeong, Ji Hoon$27,548.18$332,759.128.28%
3.Korea, Republic of DeftKim, Hyuk Kyu$27,548.18$533,702.275.16%
4.Korea, Republic of MorganPark, Gi Tae$27,548.18$34,276.8580.37%
5.Korea, Republic of WillerKim, Jeong Hyeon$20,025.00$20,025.00100.00%
6.Korea, Republic of ViperPark, Do Hyeon$15,074.03$269,157.135.60%
7.Korea, Republic of ZekaKim, Geon Woo$14,138.54$95,721.8714.77%
8.Korea, Republic of DuDuLee, Dong Ju$8,458.67$8,458.67100.00%
9.Korea, Republic of ArthurPark, Mi Reu$7,523.18$20,360.6836.95%
10.Korea, Republic of yoHanKim, Yo Han$7,523.18$12,580.8059.80%
11.Korea, Republic of DelightYoo, Hwan Joong$7,243.21$92,864.747.80%
12.Korea, Republic of DoranChoi, Hyeon Joon$7,243.21$226,014.003.20%
13.Korea, Republic of PeanutHan, Wang Ho$7,243.21$662,526.931.09%
14.Korea, Republic of ClidKim, Tae Min$6,895.33$223,969.823.08%
15.Korea, Republic of KingenHwang, Seong-hoon$6,895.33$107,033.246.44%
16.Korea, Republic of LifeKim, Jeong-min$6,895.33$103,685.726.65%
17.Korea, Republic of LavaKim, Tae Hoon$6,546.52$15,767.5741.52%
18.Korea, Republic of CaDCho, Seong Yong$5,654.81$8,464.4366.81%
19.Korea, Republic of TemptKang, Myung Gu$4,693.03$26,016.5018.04%
20.Korea, Republic of BautHan, Jin Sol$3,993.00$3,993.00100.00%
21.Korea, Republic of CheoniJo, Seung Mo$3,993.00$3,993.00100.00%
22.Korea, Republic of MaskLee, Sang Hoon$3,568.00$14,357.8924.85%
23.Korea, Republic of RissKang, Hyeon$3,568.00$3,568.00100.00%
24.Korea, Republic of CuVeeLee, Seong Jin$3,465.27$488,379.080.71%
25.Korea, Republic of HaruKang, Min Seung$3,465.27$352,776.520.98%
26.Korea, Republic of lehendsSon, Si Woo$3,465.27$208,500.091.66%
27.Korea, Republic of GrizzlyJo, Seung Hoon$3,108.33$3,570.3387.06%
28.Korea, Republic of KeYKim, Han Gi$3,081.25$28,183.2210.93%
29.Korea, Republic of SangyoonGwon, Sang Yun$3,081.25$19,775.3715.58%
30.Korea, Republic of bonoKim, Gi Beom$2,163.25$9,973.9621.69%
31.Korea, Republic of MooJinKim, Moo Jin$2,163.25$74,293.712.91%
32.Korea, Republic of SoHwanKim, Jun Yeong$2,163.25$16,252.9413.31%
33.Korea, Republic of ThalPark, Kwon Hyuk$2,163.25$12,415.6517.42%
34.Korea, Republic of GuwonKoo, Gwan Mo$1,211.00$13,619.018.89%
35.Korea, Republic of ZenitJeon, Tae Gwon$1,157.14$3,226.5335.86%
36.Korea, Republic of MireuJeong, Jo Bin$935.49$30,968.303.02%
37.Korea, Republic of YoungJaeKo, Yeong Jae$935.49$23,056.664.06%
38.Korea, Republic of AsperKim, Tae Gi$918.00$11,164.328.22%
39.Korea, Republic of BrookLee, Jang Hoon$918.00$5,175.9117.74%
40.Korea, Republic of CleverMoon, Won Hee$918.00$918.00100.00%
41.Korea, Republic of KuzanLee, Seong Hyeok$918.00$22,520.784.08%
42.Korea, Republic of LindarangHeo, Man Heung$918.00$11,271.968.14%
43.Korea, Republic of MightybearKim, Min Su$918.00$8,250.8211.13%
44.Korea, Republic of SeonghwanYoon, Seong Hwan$918.00$10,719.488.56%
45.Korea, Republic of RoamerCho, Woo Jin$875.00$1,731.1950.54%
46.Korea, Republic of LureShin, Jae Yoon$786.00$954.0082.39%
47.Korea, Republic of RoosterSin, Yoon Hwan$786.00$1,595.6749.26%
48.Korea, Republic of HaetaeSim, Su Hyeon$770.60$770.60100.00%
49.Korea, Republic of TempesterOh, Yeong Woong$620.60$620.60100.00%
50.Korea, Republic of DuroJoo, Min Kyu$450.00$1,849.6724.33%
51.Korea, Republic of LokiLee, Sang Min$450.00$450.00100.00%
52.Korea, Republic of LukaLuxJang, Yoo Chan$425.00$577.2073.63%
53.Korea, Republic of CrackNoh, Ji Seong$336.00$11,536.802.91%
54.Korea, Republic of ToisonYoo, Se Min$336.00$774.0043.41%
55.Korea, Republic of asdfqwert-, -$308.00$308.00100.00%
56.Korea, Republic of JunminLee, Jun Min$308.00$308.00100.00%
57.Korea, Republic of PooLee, Jong Hyeon$308.00$308.00100.00%
58.Korea, Republic of 6622-, -$158.60$158.60100.00%
59.Korea, Republic of Pyeonsick-, -$158.60$158.60100.00%
60.Korea, Republic of 당연한건 없어-, -$158.60$158.60100.00%
61.Korea, Republic of Daniel-, -$154.00$154.00100.00%
62.Korea, Republic of Pooh-, -$154.00$154.00100.00%
63.Korea, Republic of Spike-, -$154.00$154.00100.00%
64.Korea, Republic of AntimagePark, Gyu Yong$150.00$150.00100.00%
65.Korea, Republic of CrackerLee, Jeong Wook$150.00$150.00100.00%
66.Korea, Republic of HunterLee, Soo Min$150.00$150.00100.00%
67.Korea, Republic of PyeonsikPyun, Min Gi$150.00$150.00100.00%


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