Hanwha Life Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$49,868.60 From 6 Tournaments

Hanwha Life Esports Roster Summary

League of Legends$49,868.60100.00%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$45,191.2290.62%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of LavaKim, Tae Hoon$6,546.52
2.Korea, Republic of TemptKang, Myung Gu$4,693.03
3.Korea, Republic of CuVeeLee, Seong Jin$3,465.27
4.Korea, Republic of HaruKang, Min Seung$3,465.27
5.Korea, Republic of lehendsSon, Si Woo$3,465.27
6.Korea, Republic of KeYKim, Han Gi$3,081.25
7.Korea, Republic of SangyoonGwon, Sang Yun$3,081.25
8.Korea, Republic of bonoKim, Gi Beom$2,163.25
9.Korea, Republic of MooJinKim, Moo Jin$2,163.25
10.Korea, Republic of SoHwanKim, Jun Yeong$2,163.25
11.Korea, Republic of ThalPark, Kwon Hyuk$2,163.25
12.Korea, Republic of VstaOh, Hyo Seong$1,157.14
13.Korea, Republic of ZenitJeon, Tae Gwon$1,157.14
14.Korea, Republic of CaDCho, Seong Yong$935.49
15.Korea, Republic of DuDuLee, Dong Ju$935.49
16.Korea, Republic of MireuJeong, Jo Bin$935.49
17.Korea, Republic of ViperPark, Do Hyeon$935.49
18.Korea, Republic of YeongJaeKo, Yeong Jae$935.49
19.Korea, Republic of AsperKim, Tae Gi$918.00
20.Korea, Republic of BrookLee, Jang Hoon$918.00
21.Korea, Republic of CleverMoon, Won Hee$918.00
22.Korea, Republic of KuzanLee, Seong Hyeok$918.00
23.Korea, Republic of LindarangHeo, Man Heung$918.00
24.Korea, Republic of MightybearKim, Min Su$918.00
25.Korea, Republic of SeonghwanYoon, Seong Hwan$918.00


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