Vietnamese National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$329,500.00 From 7 Tournaments
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Vietnamese National Team Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$268,500.0081.49%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Viet Nam ADCTrần, Đức Chiến$40,000.00
2.Viet Nam GauPhạm, Hồng Quân$40,000.00
3.Viet Nam ProETrần, Quang Hiệp$40,000.00
4.Viet Nam XBTrần, Xuân Bách$40,000.00
5.Viet Nam ĐạtKòiiiĐinh, Tiến Đạt$40,000.00
6.Viet Nam Basill- -$11,000.00
7.Viet Nam Leviz- -$11,000.00
8.Viet Nam Nhism- -$11,000.00
9.Viet Nam Sapauu- -$11,000.00
10.Viet Nam Akashi- -$10,000.00
11.Viet Nam Ara- -$10,000.00
12.Viet Nam Khien- -$10,000.00
13.Viet Nam Oppa- -$10,000.00
14.Viet Nam PS Man- -$10,000.00
15.Viet Nam Blake1Nguyễn, Việt Anh$3,700.00
16.Viet Nam BronzeVTrịnh, Đào Tiến$3,700.00
17.Viet Nam Polo- -$3,700.00
18.Viet Nam TF- -$3,700.00
19.Viet Nam Yamete- -$3,700.00
20.Viet Nam NeilyoLan Tran$2,000.00
21.Viet Nam Funky- -$1,500.00
22.Viet Nam KJerry- -$1,500.00
23.Viet Nam Maverick- -$1,500.00
24.Viet Nam MreA- -$1,500.00
25.Viet Nam Mrhip- -$1,500.00


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