Luminosity Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,442,408.61 From 196 Tournaments
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Luminosity Gaming Roster Summary

Battle Royal (H1Z1 / PUBG)$158,250.006.48%
Call of Duty$523,900.0021.45%
Call of Duty (Female)$0.000.00%
Heroes of the Storm$1,280.000.05%
Madden NFL$120,000.004.91%
Overwatch (Evil)$10,250.000.42%
Overwatch (Loyal)$2,000.000.08%
Super Smash Bros$21,006.640.86%
World of WarCraft$8,000.000.33%

Country Summary

1.Brazil Brazil$1,275,722.1552.23%
2.United States United States$1,003,861.5241.10%
3.Norway Norway$44,934.401.84%
4.Canada Canada$39,927.141.63%
5.Germany Germany$17,461.650.71%
6.Sweden Sweden$10,260.760.42%
7.Czech Republic Czech Republic$8,703.180.36%
8.Japan Japan$8,541.050.35%
9.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$5,500.000.23%
10.France France$5,333.320.22%
11.Belgium Belgium$2,666.660.11%
12.Armenia Armenia$1,534.400.06%
13.Viet Nam Viet Nam$1,500.000.06%
14.Finland Finland$1,498.030.06%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Brazil FalleNGabriel Toledo$226,657.29
2.Brazil coldzeraMarcelo David$224,757.29
3.Brazil ferFernando Alvarenga$223,957.29
4.Brazil fnxLincoln Lau$213,194.79
5.Brazil TACOEpitacio Pessoa$212,794.79
6.United States SaintsRenato Forza$125,937.50
7.United States ProblemEric Wright$120,000.00
8.United States OctaneSam Larew$115,250.00
9.United States SlackedJosiah Berry$115,250.00
10.United States ClassicNicholas Di Costanzo$99,150.00
11.United States fr0zenFrank Zhang$62,830.00
12.United States NinjaTyler Blevins$48,500.00
13.Norway chipzyHogne Krogsæther$43,000.00
14.United States JP2Justin Pate$33,000.00
15.Brazil yeLGustavo Knittel$31,433.14
16.Brazil PKLVinicios Coelho$28,683.14
17.Brazil SHOOWTiMEGustavo Gonçalves$28,253.14
18.Canada DrasseLCedrik Lessard$27,000.00
19.United States SpaceLyMichael Schmale$24,937.50
20.United States ZalaePaul Nemeth$23,916.67
21.Brazil NEKiZGabriel Schenato$20,486.00
22.United States ChakkiKeaton Gill$18,175.00
23.Brazil cheloMarcelo Cespedes$18,106.00
24.United States Victory XCameron Thorlakson$17,400.00
25.United States eL TowNVisal Mohanan$15,975.00


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