TCM Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$204,771.42 From 90 Tournaments
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TCM Gaming Roster Summary

Call of Duty$100,926.8449.29%
CS: Source$3,875.841.89%
Dota 2$2,000.000.98%
Heroes of the Storm$500.000.24%
League of Legends$31,778.1415.52%
StarCraft 2$41,244.1120.14%
Team Fortress 2$10,244.015.00%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$41,244.1120.14%
2.United Kingdom United Kingdom$38,703.4818.90%
3.Belgium Belgium$11,604.405.67%
4.Spain Spain$11,604.405.67%
5.United States United States$8,595.474.20%
6.Ireland Ireland$6,114.932.99%
7.Sweden Sweden$5,250.002.56%
8.France France$2,767.151.35%
9.Germany Germany$100.000.05%
10.Hungary Hungary$100.000.05%
11.Netherlands Netherlands$100.000.05%
12.Italy Italy$100.000.05%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of YoDaChoi, Byung Hyun$20,376.70
2.United Kingdom MooseThomas Handley$16,382.23
3.United Kingdom MarkyBMark Bryceland$14,217.32
4.United Kingdom GunshyThomas Jones$13,013.16
5.Korea, Republic of FirstKang, Hyun Woo$11,238.27
6.Korea, Republic of SoulkeyKim, Min Chul$6,686.85
7.Ireland JurdJordan Crowley$6,114.92
8.United Kingdom MadCatDylan Dally$5,925.38
9.Belgium BarneyDLaurent Baiverlin$5,802.20
10.Belgium BelgianBeastScott Dudha$5,802.20
11.Spain MotrocoMario Martínez García$5,802.20
12.Spain NaruteradorRamón Meseguer Fructuoso$5,802.20
13.Sweden JwaowJesper Strandgren$5,250.00
14.United Kingdom ShAnEShane McKerral$5,170.85
15.United Kingdom FluxRyan Oldfield$4,663.03
16.United States TeepeeTyler Polchow$4,404.22
17.United States AchesPatrick Price$3,991.25
18.United Kingdom MonksyRyan Monks$3,750.00
19.United Kingdom RichRichard Cook$3,750.00
20.Korea, Republic of MyuNgSiKKim, Myung Sik$2,942.29
21.United Kingdom PeatieAdam Peate$2,503.91
22.Sweden diddixDavid Glaas$1,833.33
23.Netherlands FranticFrederiek van Gammeren$1,833.33
24.Sweden luxxizChristoffer Losell$1,833.33
25.United States LoonyDaniel Loza$1,662.97


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