TCM Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$227,710.56 From 104 Tournaments

Tournament Results for TCM Gaming

Battlefield$16,202.483 Tournaments7.12%
Call of Duty$93,053.8326 Tournaments40.86%
Counter-Strike$3,962.133 Tournaments1.74%
CS: Source$3,875.844 Tournaments1.70%
CS:GO$1,250.001 Tournament0.55%
Dota 2$2,000.001 Tournament0.88%
Halo$6,500.002 Tournaments2.85%
Heroes of the Storm$500.001 Tournament0.22%
League of Legends$31,778.146 Tournaments13.96%
Shootmania$11,500.002 Tournaments5.05%
StarCraft 2$41,244.1141 Tournaments18.11%
Team Fortress 2$15,844.0314 Tournaments6.96%


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