Flash Wolves

Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,219,242.34 From 203 Tournaments

Top Players For Flash Wolves

 IDNameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Taiwan, Republic of China tom60229Chen, Wei Lin$404,281.20$435,527.8792.83%
2.Taiwan, Republic of China SwordArtHu, Shuo Jie$225,809.83$243,904.6792.58%
3.Taiwan, Republic of China MapleHuang, Yi Tang$222,342.79$240,437.6392.47%
4.Taiwan, Republic of China BettyLu, Yu Hung$160,705.63$177,478.0890.55%
5.Taiwan, Republic of China KarsaHung, Hau Hsuan$147,225.43$450,063.8332.71%
6.Taiwan, Republic of China MMDYau, Li Hung$141,158.90$141,158.92100.00%
7.Korea, Republic of PartinGWon, Lee Sak$94,664.87$393,572.5224.05%
8.Taiwan, Republic of China HanabiSu, Chia Hsiang$80,876.35$80,876.35100.00%
9.Korea, Republic of sanKang, Cho-Won$79,579.37$109,440.0972.72%
10.Taiwan, Republic of China NLHsiung, Wen An$76,569.92$94,664.7580.89%
11.Korea, Republic of MooJinKim, Moo Jin$69,410.64$73,572.2794.34%
12.Taiwan, Republic of China HasKe, Yu Feng$58,149.14$140,612.0541.35%
13.Taiwan, Republic of China SteakChou, Lu Hsi$36,675.67$54,770.5066.96%
14.Taiwan, Republic of China KMoMoSyu, Maojyun$32,279.71$40,528.4879.65%
15.Taiwan, Republic of China BaconjackLuo, Zihuan$31,380.28$40,343.3477.78%
16.Taiwan, Republic of China JongieCheng, Ji$26,180.28$31,003.6184.44%
17.Taiwan, Republic of China realmentPo-Hsun Huang$26,180.28$32,777.3779.87%
18.Taiwan, Republic of China S1nklerLi, Jiahao$26,180.28$34,429.0576.04%
19.Taiwan, Republic of China ZondaLyu, Jhong Da$26,180.28$56,329.4746.48%
20.Taiwan, Republic of China ShiauCLiu, Chia Hao$23,926.21$23,926.21100.00%
21.Taiwan, Republic of China REFRA1NChen, Kuan Ting$19,464.09$26,635.1573.08%
22.Taiwan, Republic of China IanLu, Jia Hong$18,062.98$20,361.2388.71%
23.Taiwan, Republic of China RinsShen, Po Ju$15,990.75$16,437.9097.28%
24.Korea, Republic of KramerHa, Jong-Hun$14,767.79$78,293.1218.86%
25.Korea, Republic of LeenockLee, Dong Nyung$14,468.06$288,257.145.02%
26.Taiwan, Republic of China MorningChen, Kuan Ting$12,460.50$86,907.0714.34%
27.Korea, Republic of RatherShin, Hyeong Seop$11,465.71$23,766.3348.24%
28.Korea, Republic of BugiLee, Seong Yeop$10,865.71$11,156.3997.39%
29.Taiwan, Republic of China EnsoLiang, En Shuo$8,965.71$8,965.71100.00%
30.Taiwan, Republic of China SlamLiu, Yan Cheng$7,845.31$11,646.3767.36%
31.Taiwan, Republic of China IyoLi, Yi Ting$7,374.28$8,599.3585.75%
32.Taiwan, Republic of China HeroesLu, Hsing Cheng$7,225.66$7,225.66100.00%
33.Taiwan, Republic of China RanChen, Kuan Yu$7,225.66$9,430.5976.62%
34.Taiwan, Republic of China WaynHsieh, Sung Lin$7,225.66$7,225.66100.00%
35.Taiwan, Republic of China XiXiChuang, Chi Kang$7,225.66$7,225.66100.00%
36.Taiwan, Republic of China MadnessChung, Yen Chen$6,201.38$6,201.38100.00%
37.Hong Kong MoonblackLeung, Chung Hong$6,201.38$7,597.3481.63%
38.Taiwan, Republic of China NonezzLiao, Chun Chi$6,099.43$12,504.9448.78%
39.Taiwan, Republic of China IcefenGChou, Cheng-Yu$5,945.66$5,945.66100.00%
40.Taiwan, Republic of China FrozenIceShih Kuang Chu$5,500.00$5,500.00100.00%
41.Taiwan, Republic of China HuiYuan, Jin Hui$5,150.08$6,816.7575.55%
42.Taiwan, Republic of China EricChen, Yu Ping$4,613.33$4,613.33100.00%
43.Taiwan, Republic of China HueiYunHsu, Hui Yun$2,504.22$2,504.22100.00%
44.Taiwan, Republic of China MaoooChen, Kuan Ting$2,504.22$2,504.22100.00%
45.Taiwan, Republic of China VanillaChou, Yu Ta$1,909.25$1,909.24100.00%
46.Taiwan, Republic of China MountainXue, Zhao Hong$1,600.00$88,662.621.80%
47.Taiwan, Republic of China NotalkChiu, Po Chuan$1,247.80$7,235.1317.25%
48.Taiwan, Republic of China KeresYang, Jun Yi$1,001.85$12,318.618.13%
49.Taiwan, Republic of China VanceWu, Yuan Chun$1,001.85$1,001.85100.00%
50.Taiwan, Republic of China XiBFang, Chen Yuan$1,001.85$1,206.0383.07%
51.Taiwan, Republic of China M1nG-, -$545.03$545.03100.00%
52.Taiwan, Republic of China Cell-, -$510.10$3,318.4215.37%
53.Taiwan, Republic of China NilonSu, Sheng Yong$500.00$1,100.0045.45%
54.Taiwan, Republic of China BushYu, Ping Kun$365.71$365.71100.00%
55.Taiwan, Republic of China Calm-, -$110.10$110.10100.00%
56.Taiwan, Republic of China NiceHuang, Yu Shiang$110.10$33,809.000.33%
57.Taiwan, Republic of China SenYang, Chia Cheng$110.10$146,979.660.07%
58.Taiwan, Republic of China BayBayWang, You Chun$0.00$48,214.690.00%
59.Taiwan, Republic of China pkHsieh, Yu Ting$0.00$25,199.450.00%


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