Jin Air Green Wings

Total Prize Money Earned:
$2,768,814.08 From 427 Tournaments

Top Players For Jin Air Green Wings

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of RogueLee, Byung Ryul$874,105.60$926,027.7494.39%
2.Korea, Republic of MaruCho, Sung Choo$797,821.60$930,372.1285.75%
3.Korea, Republic of sOsKim, Yoo Jin$464,626.80$639,212.8472.69%
4.Korea, Republic of TrapCho, Sung Ho$217,540.09$342,516.2863.51%
5.Korea, Republic of CureKim, Doh Wook$93,184.54$168,712.7355.23%
6.Korea, Republic of CreatorJang, Hyun Woo$42,350.75$146,367.1328.93%
7.Korea, Republic of TRUEBang, Tae Su$18,659.97$190,101.999.82%
8.Korea, Republic of TrAceYeon, Chang Dong$15,529.29$18,317.9284.78%
9.Korea, Republic of GBMLee, Chang Seok$15,124.77$37,115.9440.75%
10.Korea, Republic of CheiChoi, Sun Ho$13,564.80$25,851.1152.47%
11.Korea, Republic of PilotNah, Woo Hyung$11,878.96$20,820.1957.06%
12.Korea, Republic of KuzanLee, Seong Hyeok$11,313.35$20,571.3255.00%
13.Korea, Republic of ChaserLee, Sang Hyun$10,926.72$17,499.5762.44%
14.Korea, Republic of TerminatorHa, Jae Sang$10,700.85$13,138.1581.45%
15.Korea, Republic of SoHwanKim, Jun Yeong$10,188.74$15,752.9464.68%
16.Korea, Republic of PigbabyYang, Hee Soo$9,343.48$42,667.2221.90%
17.Korea, Republic of WingedPark, Tae Jin$8,768.72$21,405.3540.97%
18.Korea, Republic of UmtiEom, Seong Hyeon$8,533.46$12,255.2569.63%
19.Korea, Republic of CaptainJackKang, Hyung Woo$8,513.96$59,459.5814.32%
20.Korea, Republic of SweetLee, Eun Teak$8,501.04$8,501.07100.00%
21.Korea, Republic of YaharongLee, Chan Ju$7,812.14$7,812.14100.00%
22.Taiwan, Republic of China RexLei, Hao Cheng$7,553.11$25,559.9029.55%
23.Korea, Republic of TeddyPark, Jin Seong$7,194.12$99,108.157.26%
24.Korea, Republic of SymbolKang, Dong Hyun$4,788.49$94,856.435.05%
25.Korea, Republic of FeniXKim, Jae Hun$4,667.28$20,014.8923.32%
26.Korea, Republic of FlySong, Yong Jun$4,460.15$39,238.7311.37%
27.Korea, Republic of TaNaLee, Sang Wook$4,018.04$4,018.04100.00%
28.Korea, Republic of WraithKwon, Ji Min$3,932.50$146,744.952.68%
29.Korea, Republic of HyuNKo, Seok Hyun$3,617.56$235,802.411.53%
30.Korea, Republic of SeizeKim, Chan Hee$3,503.30$3,503.30100.00%
31.Korea, Republic of SnowFlowerNo, Hoi Jong$3,470.63$37,206.699.33%
32.Korea, Republic of NovaPark, Chan Ho$3,134.73$5,090.2361.58%
33.Korea, Republic of RoarOh, Jang Won$2,993.85$4,259.8870.28%
34.Korea, Republic of ReaperedBok, Han Gyu$2,916.13$32,020.479.11%
35.Korea, Republic of StarLastHan, Jin Hui$2,916.13$11,021.5426.46%
36.Korea, Republic of MysticJin, Sung Joon$2,878.33$189,265.811.52%
37.Korea, Republic of JusticeYoon, Seok Joon$2,868.10$2,868.10100.00%
38.Korea, Republic of erssuJeon, Ik Soo$2,544.63$15,642.4916.27%
39.Korea, Republic of RaiseOh, Ji Hwan$2,544.63$6,751.4637.69%
40.Korea, Republic of herOKim, Joon Ho$2,400.00$341,238.290.70%
41.Korea, Republic of HooNKim, Nam Hoon$2,375.83$9,216.3425.78%
42.Korea, Republic of RadarKim, Hang Min$2,311.19$2,311.20100.00%
43.Korea, Republic of LightKwon, Sun Ho$2,194.74$8,103.0727.09%
44.Korea, Republic of SenanPark, Hee-seok$2,194.74$5,512.4639.81%
45.Korea, Republic of ActSceneYeon, Hyeong Mo$2,105.59$8,176.8625.75%
46.Korea, Republic of RavenKim, Ae Jun$1,981.47$10,086.8819.64%
47.Korea, Republic of CheonGoChoi, Hyeon Woo$1,823.30$1,823.30100.00%
48.Korea, Republic of KellinKim, Hyeong Gyu$1,823.30$28,961.096.30%
49.Korea, Republic of LindarangHeo, Man Heung$1,823.30$11,271.9616.18%
50.Korea, Republic of MalrangKim, Geun Seong$1,823.30$9,981.5618.27%
51.Korea, Republic of RouteMoon, Geom Su$1,823.30$9,655.6418.88%
52.Korea, Republic of CoCaChoi, Jong Hwan$1,758.52$21,502.858.18%
53.Korea, Republic of KishKim, Beom Seok$1,751.15$8,286.8721.13%
54.Korea, Republic of AvengeKim, Nam Joong$1,449.00$6,551.0422.12%
55.Korea, Republic of RockKim, Hui Chan$1,318.52$2,523.4352.25%
56.Korea, Republic of VinShin, Min Jae$1,318.52$3,540.0337.25%
57.Korea, Republic of KaKAOLee, Byung Kwon$1,311.43$90,340.401.45%
58.Korea, Republic of ŁØAÐChae, Seong Yub$1,170.93$1,938.3360.41%
59.Korea, Republic of BlancJin, Seong Min$1,127.50$4,836.5823.31%
60.Korea, Republic of MuMuChoi, Ban Seok$1,110.70$1,110.70100.00%
61.Korea, Republic of StitchLee, Seung Ju$896.30$29,980.352.99%
62.Korea, Republic of Utan EKim, Dong Hyun$793.36$793.36100.00%
63.Korea, Republic of PiccabooLee, Jong Beom$621.51$41,218.671.51%
64.Korea, Republic of JaehoonKim, Jae Hoon$359.83$7,039.955.11%
65.Korea, Republic of 0903-, -$77.72$77.72100.00%
66.Korea, Republic of Raoching-, -$77.72$77.72100.00%


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