Wayi Spider

Total Prize Money Earned:
$106,696.22 From 50 Tournaments

Wayi Spider Roster Summary

League of Legends$1,653.701.55%
StarCraft II$66,428.6162.26%

Country Summary

1.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$29,911.0928.03%
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$22,530.3821.12%
3.China China$8,900.008.34%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Taiwan, Republic of China PinpinghoHo, Kwo Ping$29,813.91
2.Taiwan, Republic of China RexLei, Hao Cheng$16,826.49
3.Korea, Republic of CheckKim, Min Gyu$10,505.14
4.China CommShen, Hui$8,900.00
5.Taiwan, Republic of China RogerLuo, Shengyuan$8,800.00
6.Taiwan, Republic of China CheetosLin, Shih Ting$6,350.05
7.Korea, Republic of DaisyLee, Jong Hyuk$6,186.65
8.Korea, Republic of RuinHong, Deok$5,176.50
9.Taiwan, Republic of China FistLin, Yi Heng$4,201.35
10.Taiwan, Republic of China DSWang, Jun$3,000.00
11.Taiwan, Republic of China AKLi, Zhe Wei$2,123.70
12.Taiwan, Republic of China PythonLi, Chang Yu$998.94
13.Taiwan, Republic of China FLYChen, Ke Wei$700.00
14.Korea, Republic of NadoKim, Han Byeol$662.09
15.China AshZhang, Jin Yue$500.00
16.Taiwan, Republic of China ่™่œ้”ไบบ- -$297.70
17.Taiwan, Republic of China BreezeHuang, Chien Yuan$275.62
18.Hong Kong EpicWu, Chun Hin$275.62
19.Taiwan, Republic of China KKe, Kai Sheng$275.62
20.Hong Kong NexusDong, Tong$275.62
21.Taiwan, Republic of China WakoTsou, Wei Yang$275.62
22.Taiwan, Republic of China ZestHsieh, Ming Hsuan$275.62


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