Quantic Gaming

Quantic Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$185,185.59 From 108 Tournaments

Quantic Gaming is a now-defunct North American team that had squads in League of Legends, StarCraft II, and Call of Duty. It was run by Canadian owner Simon Boudreault until he missed payments to his staff and players, and disappeared from esports.

Quantic Gaming Roster Summary

Call of Duty$1,200.000.65%
Dota 2$25,341.2313.68%
League of Legends$10,500.005.67%
StarCraft II$137,782.6774.40%
Team Fortress 2$2,400.001.30%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$81,955.2244.26%
2.Sweden Sweden$38,802.4520.95%
3.United States United States$32,903.9217.77%
4.France France$8,509.304.60%
5.Denmark Denmark$3,649.751.97%
6.Canada Canada$3,450.201.86%
7.Ukraine Ukraine$2,503.101.35%
8.Russian Federation Russian Federation$2,503.101.35%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of HyuNKo, Seok Hyun$57,897.11
2.Sweden SaSeKim Hammar$27,088.60
3.Korea, Republic of TheStCChoi, Yun Sik$14,681.64
4.Sweden NaNiwaJohan Lucchesi$11,713.85
5.United States IllusionChris Lee$7,400.00
6.United States StateRyan Visbeck$4,400.00
7.Korea, Republic of ApocalypseKim, Min Hyung$3,925.00
8.France CebSébastien Debs$3,503.10
9.France FunziiThibault Calonne$3,503.10
10.France SockshkaTitouan Merloz$3,503.10
11.Korea, Republic of HwangSinSeung Hyuk, Hwang$3,400.00
12.Ukraine GoblakArtur Kostenko$2,503.10
13.Russian Federation SilentAirat Gaziev$2,503.10
14.United States BallsAn Le$2,100.00
15.United States HaiHai Lam$2,100.00
16.United States LemonNationDaerek Hart$2,100.00
17.United States MeteosWilliam Hartman$2,100.00
18.United States SneakyZachary Scuderi$2,100.00
19.Canada DdoRoMoon, Jung Ho$1,900.00
20.Denmark RyzeChristoffer Winther$1,729.95
21.United States DaZeDSam Marine$1,592.34
22.United States froztCarey Kertenian$1,592.34
23.United States hikoSpencer Martin$1,592.34
24.Canada semphisKory Friesen$1,592.34
25.United States tckTrey Martin$1,592.34


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