Antoine "To1nou" Pirard - CS:GO Player

Antoine Pirard
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$62,812.21 From 57 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$49,886.86 From 31 Tournaments
79.42% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-03-215th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ECS S7 - Europe Series 2-$150.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-03-145th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ECS S7 - Europe Series 1-$150.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-02-265th-8thTeam-based Tournament UML Season 1: Online Stage-$982.14Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-12-027th-8thTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Open Winter 2018 (CS:GO)-$400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-11-115th-6thTeam-based Tournament » IEM XIII - Chicago-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-11-086thTeam-based Tournament » Esports Championship Series Season 6 - European League-$2,500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-10-261stTeam-based Tournament » ESL Championnat National Winter 2018€1,500.00$1,703.75Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-10-201stTeam-based Tournament GG.BET Shuffle-$0.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-10-141stTeam-based Tournament » ESL Pro European Championship 2018€7,000.00$8,096.55Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-08-301stTeam-based Tournament » Masters II-$1,400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-06-302ndTeam-based Tournament » ESL Championnat National - Summer 2018 Finals (CS:GO)€700.00$816.41Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-06-241stTeam-based Tournament PMU Challenge 2018€5,000.00$5,832.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-05-202ndTeam-based Tournament Launch Invitational-$428.57Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-05-073rdTeam-based Tournament GOCASE Challenge-$166.67Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-04-2614thTeam-based Tournament » ESL Pro League Season 7 - EU-$2,400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-02-032ndTeam-based Tournament » Assembly Winter 2018 (CS:GO)-$800.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-12-175th-6thTeam-based Tournament LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup€350.00$411.39Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-11-162ndTeam-based Tournament » Championship #1-$500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-11-1111thTeam-based Tournament » ESL Pro League Season 6 - Europe-$3,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-11-031stTeam-based Tournament » ESWC 2017 - Paris Game Week (CS:GO)€5,000.00$5,824.80Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-10-225th-6thTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Denver 2017 (CS:GO)-$600.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-06-084thTeam-based Tournament » Farmskins Championship #1-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-05-1111thTeam-based Tournament » ESL EU Pro League S5-$3,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-01-153rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Leipzig 2017 (CS:GO)-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-01-082ndTeam-based Tournament » ESEA Season 23: Global Premier Challenge-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-12-113rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » ESL France Championship - Winter 2016 (CS:GO)€200.00$210.58Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-12-083rd-4thTeam-based Tournament eSportsArcadeTV Cup-$100.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-12-051st-2ndTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO Premier Season 23-$0.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-10-302ndTeam-based Tournament » ESWC 2016 (CS:GO Male)-$3,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-09-293rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » Kinguin for Charity with PayPal (CS:GO)-$100.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-07-031stTeam-based Tournament » ESL France Championship - Summer 2016 (CS:GO)€1,000.00$1,114.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$3,400.00 From 3 Tournaments
5.41% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-03-189th-12thTeam-based Tournament » WESG 2017 (CS:GO Male)-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-11-263rdTeam-based Tournament » WESG 2017 - Europe & CIS Finals (CS:GO)-$800.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-10-081stTeam-based Tournament » WESG 2017 - Benelux Qualifier (CS:GO)-$600.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$6,270.14 From 12 Tournaments
9.98% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-02-061stTeam-based Tournament » ASUS ROG CS:GO Assembly Winter 2016€1,600.00$1,785.50Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-12-062ndTeam-based Tournament Ultimate-Arena #8€70.00$75.67Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-11-101stTeam-based Tournament » UnderDogs #1 (CS:GO)€400.00$427.44Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-11-012ndTeam-based Tournament » ESWC PGW Open (CS:GO)-$1,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-07-193rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO Premier Season 19-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-06-092ndTeam-based Tournament Hitbox Arena Showdown Invitational-$150.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-05-081stTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Tours 2015 (CS:GO - BYOC)€100.00$112.19Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-05-085th-8thTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Tours 2015 (CS:GO)-$400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-04-261stTeam-based Tournament » Evry Games City 2015 (CS:GO)€500.00$545.12Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-04-131stTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO Main Season 18-$400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-04-062ndTeam-based Tournament » Gamers Assembly 2015 (CS:GO Pro)-$1,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-03-291stTeam-based Tournament Ultimate-Arena #3€160.00$174.22Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$3,255.21 From 11 Tournaments
5.18% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-11-243rdTeam-based Tournament Louvard Game 4.4€200.00$220.43Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-05-197th-8thTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Open Tours 2019 (CS:GO)-$400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-05-121stTeam-based Tournament LouvardGame 4.2€700.00$786.52Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-10-261stTeam-based Tournament LanEx #19€600.00$760.98Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-08-241stTeam-based Tournament Opale Arena #6 (CS:GO)€280.00$369.35Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-07-081stTeam-based Tournament Killing Spree€40.00$54.45Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-07-062ndTeam-based Tournament Ludus Lan #13€40.00$54.38Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-06-233rdTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO Open S16-$100.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-05-033rdTeam-based Tournament LanExperience #18€30.00$41.62Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-04-212ndTeam-based Tournament » Gamers Assembly 2014 (CS:GO)€200.00$275.78Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-02-162ndTeam-based Tournament BuyKey Lan #1€140.00$191.70Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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