Benjamin "unKOE" Chevasson - Overwatch Player

Benjamin Chevasson
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$58,301.74 From 31 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Earnings Compared To Other Players

United States title= AdamAdam Eckel+$32,533.78
Korea, Republic of title= adamKim, Yoon Sik+$46,172.02
France title= aKmDylan Bignet-$14,675.61
France title= AlphaCastSébastien Ferez+$51,129.07
France title= aNANicolas Sudre+$57,761.07
Korea, Republic of title= ArHaNJeong, Won Hyoup+$25,915.50
France title= AsuraXGrégory M.+$57,766.32
France title= BenBestBenjamin Dieulafait+$45,945.68
France title= BeniiiBenoît A.+$58,134.42
United States title= BudsCasey Mcilwaine+$20,853.89
Sweden title= chipshajenSebastian Widlund-$681.44
United States title= cl0ckMark McGrail+$32,158.40
Sweden title= coccoChristian Jonsson+$6,894.75
United States title= coolmatt69Matthew Iorio+$33,730.92
Poland title= cOOwTomasz Słowecki+$57,386.64
Australia title= CustaScott Kennedy+$4,542.06
Sweden title= DALADAVVEDavid Jansson+$53,801.74
United States title= deBettKevin Bettencourt+$49,618.50
France title= DeGuNLaurent Prinderre+$52,477.69
Sweden title= diddixDavid Glaas+$56,468.41
Sweden title= DraceusRasmus Waern-$37,868.59
France title= DryakYoan Wendel+$58,134.42
United States title= dummyTim Olson+$46,906.23
Sweden title= EliancERickard Parkkinen+$56,301.74
United States title= enigmaCarl Yangsheng+$42,710.58
Korea, Republic of title= EscAKim, In Jae-$133,971.94
United States title= EsperMichelle Roberson+$57,635.07
France title= EsselkaAlexis Leclercq+$57,761.07
France title= Exon- -+$57,807.97
France title= Extasy- -+$58,085.47
France title= EzekielChristophe Gusella+$55,270.07
United States title= FiendMichael Fien+$57,635.07
United States title= FlamehopperCasey Pitel+$32,460.07
France title= FlippyHugo Perhirin+$51,561.35
Latvia title= Forsak3nViktors Bernevs+$42,551.39
Netherlands title= FranticFrederiek van Gammeren+$52,002.36
France title= FraskenFrançois Lemoine+$55,635.07
Germany title= FreakyNoiseDanny Stoll+$56,968.41
United States title= FriscoCody Day+$57,595.07
China title= FuryCheng, Chao+$50,311.53
Sweden title= gAHNZBYSimon Gahnsby+$55,801.74
Korea, Republic of title= GamblerHeo, Jin Woo+$39,148.57
United Kingdom title= GaRpYGareth Marshall+$8,721.77
Canada title= GillzBryan Gilbert+$56,468.41
United States title= GodsDaniel Graeser+$35,330.73
United States title= godsonBrandon McGaha+$56,468.41
France title= Greg2framGrégoire De Framond+$57,887.87
United States title= GregoGreg McAllen+$40,861.83
Spain title= HarryHookJonathan Rua+$37.60
France title= HidanMikaël Da Silva+$26,367.31
Taiwan, Republic of China title= HolidayCow-, -+$42,764.81
France title= HqrdestJeremy Danton+$37,441.72
France title= Hybr1dGaël HELLÉ+$56,301.74
France title= HyPDamien Souville+$44,503.82
China title= HysteriaWang, Yihao+$49,661.77
Sweden title= iddqdAndré Dahlström+$44,109.71
Canada title= id_Andrew Trulli+$24,063.40
Germany title= INTERNETHULKDennis Hawelka+$18,253.61
Netherlands title= JiePieJean Pierre Janssen+$41,301.74
France title= KabaLGuillaume Ettori+$54,484.24
France title= KallengeRaphaël Sigogne+$56,968.41
France title= KittyRiley Frost+$54,316.74
Taiwan, Republic of China title= KMoMoSyu, Maojyun+$17,799.89
France title= KnOxXxJean-Louis Boyer+$3,012.91
Sweden title= kowaTed Hansson+$36,768.30
United Kingdom title= KruiseHarrison Pond+$28,768.24
France title= KrywJonathan Nobre+$27,705.00
United States title= KyKyKyle Souder+$45,202.70
France title= l1nkinPierre-Émeric Portier+$40,549.07
France title= LeafLucas Loison+$31,216.63
France title= LeavzouMaxime Bouchenoire+$54,301.74
Netherlands title= LeKaiMMaikel Peeters+$51,301.74
China title= LinkinGuan, Yuede+$48,841.48
China title= LittleCatLi, Yi+$48,978.62
France title= LudoLudovic Bec+$55,301.74
Sweden title= luxxizChristoffer Losell+$46,207.73
China title= MapsZhang, Chen+$49,349.22
France title= MaS77- -+$58,085.47
France title= MickalowMickael Maruin-$21,944.92
Thailand title= MickiePongphop Rattanasangchod+$4,243.98
United States title= miloYomar Toledo+$48,051.55
Korea, Republic of title= MiroGong, Jin Hyuk+$5,472.89
France title= moonLAmaury Dennielou+$55,367.21
Netherlands title= MorteTom Kerbusch+$22,149.38
Sweden title= MPXPontus Norberg+$56,801.74
France title= Myuuks- -+$58,085.47
China title= NaibaJia, Jia+$47,320.24
France title= NarwakAldrin Delmas+$55,039.31
Sweden title= NevixAndreas Karlsson-$122,453.62
France title= NiCONicolas Moret+$29,548.00
France title= nokiMartin Cornet+$53,502.34
France title= nujaLudovic Olaizola+$58,060.05
China title= PAOPAOJiahao, He+$49,163.52
France title= PiPouRichard Buscemi+$53,270.82
France title= PokoGael Gouzerch+$589.57
United States title= PookzMark Rendon+$22,713.21
France title= PSYCKAr- -+$57,933.40
France title= qUAkOBrendan Antoni+$56,269.12
France title= raidoukSchiano Thomas+$56,436.68
China title= rainLi, Haitao+$46,608.41
United States title= raphaShane Hendrixson-$278,251.23
United States title= reaverDerrick Nowicki+$15,788.50
Korea, Republic of title= RecryJeong, Taek Hyun+$43,198.49
Sweden title= ReinforceJonathan Larsson+$27,185.29
China title= RLEZhang, Jian+$50,443.02
Sweden title= rybRuben Ljungdahl+$32,456.57
Korea, Republic of title= RyujehongRyu, Je Hong-$27,502.71
Taiwan, Republic of China title= S1nklerLi, Jiahao+$23,872.69
United States title= SeagullBrandon Larned+$20,004.27
Switzerland title= SephisMatia Trosic+$54,301.74
Russian Federation title= ShaDowBurnGeorge Gushcha-$5,939.94
China title= ShaDowCatZhao, Tianming+$50,443.02
France title= SILOSilvére Boudon+$57,914.78
Germany title= skipjackNicholas Rosada+$44,073.59
France title= SoOnTerence Tarlier-$28,061.53
France title= sprcoDimitri Delval+$56,301.74
Italy title= stermyAlessandro Avallone-$177,140.41
United States title= StoopFaraaz Waris+$47,907.35
France title= strenxKevin Baéza+$3,916.96
Taiwan, Republic of China title= SUGOI-, -+$51,865.74
France title= SuperPloukBastien Klau+$40,057.53
Canada title= SurefourLane Roberts-$24,422.30
Finland title= TaimouTimo Kettunen-$2,725.28
United States title= TalespinRonnie DuPree+$16,065.97
France title= TekThéo Guillebaud+$45,780.39
Sweden title= TviQKevyn Lindström+$14,781.38
Netherlands title= TwoEasyEric van Hoorn+$27,185.37
Russian Federation title= uNFixedAndrei Leonov+$9,297.35
Estonia title= vallutajaHendrik-William Kinks+$15,805.21
Germany title= VegaMarc-André Schrei+$56,968.41
United States title= VIJUVijal Patel+$39,426.74
Canada title= vinceVincent Belange+$54,968.40
Sweden title= VonethilOliver Lager+$46,565.66
United States title= whazGaven Sorensen+$17,754.08
France title= WhiTeFireDucrocq France+$57,796.32
Spain title= WinghavenSergi Torras Aragonés+$26,014.94
France title= winzMichaël Bignet-$69,168.55
France title= Xp3David Garrido+$26,467.24
Sweden title= ZebbosaiSebastian Olsson+$18,258.43
United States title= ZeRo4John Hill-$106,344.92
United States title= zombsJared Gitlin-$15,857.35

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