Jing Jun "Sneyking" Wu - Dota 2 Player

Jing Jun Wu
Date of Birth:
May 3, 1995
United States
United States
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$395,134.42 From 57 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
[email protected]#, PB.Sneyking, Sneyking

Earnings Compared To Other Players

United States title= bdizRobert Tinnes+$384,675.68
United States title= BlitzWilliam Lee+$371,830.49
United States title= BraxBraxton Paulson+$331,813.37
United States title= BuLbaSam Sosale+$182,899.60
United States title= CoreyCorey Wright+$371,857.16
United States title= DeMoNJimmy Ho+$194,673.25
United States title= EosinSteven Cheng+$371,397.16
United States title= FearClinton Loomis-$2,154,855.77
United States title= FLUFFNSTUFFBrian Lee+$353,785.18
United States title= FoggedIoannis Loucas+$373,086.00
United States title= ixmike88Michael Ghannam+$350,034.71
United States title= KorokSteven Ashworth+$370,431.48
United States title= masonMason Venne+$64,604.06
United States title= monkeys-foreverJaron Clinton+$362,067.76
United States title= MooDavid Hull-$414,259.44
United States title= MSSArif Anwar-$89,933.56
United States title= ninjaboogieMichael Ross-$79,501.97
United States title= ppdPeter Dager-$2,625,296.94
United States title= PurgeKevin Godec+$373,799.31
United States title= RyoyaEric Dong+$338,926.31
United States title= SVGAvery Silverman+$114,846.02
United States title= swindlemelonzzKyle Freedman+$189,396.40
United States title= TralfMark Seidl+$377,850.53
United States title= UNiVeRsESaahil Arora-$2,662,103.25
United States title= USHChris Usher+$383,779.59
United States title= whiteBeardBryant Lehwald+$367,741.03
United States title= ZfreeKZakari Freedman+$165,566.40

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