Zhou "KingJ" Yang - Dota 2 Player

Zhou, Yang
Date of Birth:
November 13, 1988
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$84,210.60 From 19 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Earnings Compared To Other Players

China title= 2009Wu, Sheng+$79,431.03
China title= 820Zou, Yitian+$9,462.65
China title= 830Ji, Xiaomeng+$74,147.53
Sweden title= AdmiralBulldogHenrik Ahnberg-$554,728.19
Sweden title= AkkeJoakim Akterhall-$565,580.82
Ukraine title= alwayswannaflyAnton Bondarenko-$233,480.01
Russian Federation title= ARS-ARTSergey Revin-$4,555.45
Canada title= ArteezyArtour Babaev-$2,168,842.61
Ukraine title= ArtStyleIvan Antonov-$278,988.43
Canada title= Aui_2000Kurtis Ling-$1,920,983.84
China title= BananaJiao, Wang-$1,198,912.24
Philippines title= BayabasMark Gavin+$70,970.84
China title= BeNzLee, Junchi+$79,142.07
Sweden title= BogdanErik Olsson+$80,997.54
China title= BurNIngXu, Zhilei-$811,392.03
Philippines title= ChinCarlo Rivera+$80,479.01
China title= chisbugLi, Chen+$26,582.55
Malaysia title= ChuaNWong, Hock Chuan-$656,772.33
China title= DDXie, Bin-$119,287.41
Macao title= DDCLiang, Fa Ming-$1,261,224.87
United States title= DeMoNJimmy Ho-$118,550.57
Ukraine title= DendiDanil Ishutin-$722,159.93
China title= DGCChen, Xu+$73,437.72
Philippines title= DonDon Dancel+$80,479.01
Russian Federation title= DreadAndrey Golubev+$41,755.23
Sweden title= EGMJerry Lundqvist-$593,538.52
Sweden title= EraAdrian Kryeziu-$82,762.45
Canada title= EternaLEnVyJacky Mao-$892,622.09
China title= FaithZeng, Hongda-$1,680,310.15
China title= Ferrari_430Luo, Feichi-$510,448.48
Israel title= FlyTal Aizik-$2,310,360.21
Ukraine title= Funn1kGleb Lipatnikov-$329,034.58
Russian Federation title= GSergey Bragin-$341,770.55
China title= GK-, -+$80,294.74
Germany title= H4nn1Kai Hanbueckers+$10,266.09
China title= HaoChen, Zhihao-$1,677,436.23
Singapore title= hyhyLim, Han Yong+$32,805.55
Singapore title= iceiceiceKoh, Daryl Pei Xiang-$1,467,451.36
China title= InsenceBin, He+$74,318.82
Philippines title= jejemon.NmaRichard Minowa+$80,479.01
Philippines title= JoTan.Badburn.IceJo Tan+$79,879.01
Germany title= KuroKyKuro Takhasomi-$5,105,895.55
Malaysia title= Ky`xYLee, Kong Yang-$51,475.94
China title= LaNmZhang, Zhicheng-$1,265,046.75
Russian Federation title= LighTofHeaveNDmitriy Kupriyanov-$194,259.14
Sweden title= LodaJonathan Berg-$620,646.84
China title= LongDDHuang, Xiang-$6,732.38
Denmark title= MaelkJacob Toft-Andersen+$58,575.57
Ukraine title= Mag~Andrey Chipenko-$70,204.17
Denmark title= MaNiaBrian Strandby+$59,210.90
China title= MMY!Lei, Zengrong-$1,028,390.21
China title= MuZhang, Pan-$1,306,501.11
Malaysia title= MushiChai, Yee Fung-$939,658.57
Denmark title= N0tailJohan Sundstein-$6,831,012.20
Malaysia title= NetPern Lim Wai-$73,214.75
Russian Federation title= NSYaroslav Kuznetsov+$47,095.41
Malaysia title= OhaiyoChong, Xin Khoo-$499,383.09
Sweden title= pieliedieJohan Åström-$899,698.06
United States title= ppdPeter Dager-$2,937,520.76
Estonia title= PuppeyClement Ivanov-$2,715,689.03
China title= QQQYao, Yi-$38,369.43
China title= rOtKBai, Fan-$715,953.31
Sweden title= s4Gustav Magnusson-$2,448,119.91
China title= SanShengWang, Zhaohui-$1,126,850.78
Russian Federation title= SantaAlexander Koltan+$67,668.60
Russian Federation title= SilentAirat Gaziev-$239,529.69
Netherlands title= SingSingWeh Sing Yuen-$135,231.43
Russian Federation title= SoloAlexei Berezin-$1,690,415.01
China title= SuperXie, Junhao-$1,528,181.36
China title= SylarLiu, Jiajun-$1,117,500.39
Finland title= TrixiKalle Saarinen-$19,319.62
United States title= UNiVeRsESaahil Arora-$2,973,027.07
Ukraine title= XBOCTOleksandr Dashkevych-$577,997.49
China title= XiLuo, Yinqi-$213,364.53
China title= xiao8Zhang, Ning-$1,753,324.36
Malaysia title= XtinctJoel Chan Zhan Leong-$9,974.54
Singapore title= xyToh, Wai Hong-$11,690.12
China title= YaoYao, Zhengzheng-$1,107,870.48
China title= YaphetSBu, Yan Jun+$74,207.80
China title= YYFJiang, Cen-$359,224.36
China title= ZhouChen, Yao-$206,535.49
China title= ZippOZhou, Xiong+$42,734.23
China title= ZSMJGong, Jian+$35,552.74

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