Xiang "XY" Yao - StarCraft II Player

Xiang, Yao
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$80,845.33 From 65 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
aygj, iG.XY, XY

Earnings Compared To Other Players

China title= ClavieTianning Chen+$78,456.11
China title= ColaGirlZhu, Li+$78,845.33
China title= CommShen, Hui+$61,463.59
China title= CourageQian, Zanqi+$68,929.15
China title= CyanMin, Huang+$6,213.65
China title= EinKun, Gao+$67,322.20
China title= F91Feng, Sun Yi+$74,326.08
China title= iAsonuHang, Zhou-$78,981.21
China title= InfiWang, Xu Wen-$271,229.90
China title= JimHui Cao, Jin-$43,448.92
China title= LonerDai, Yi+$49,634.44
China title= LoveCDLi, Jun Feng+$61,045.66
China title= LoveTtYin, Liu+$77,181.52
China title= MacSedXiang Hu-$26,849.50
China title= MayukiXue, Ma+$77,494.16
China title= MysteryJiajun, Hu+$68,480.47
China title= PigeonZhu, Yingjie+$78,667.55
China title= ShanaYulun, Wang+$58,326.12
China title= SuperZhang, Ming Lu+$66,255.28
China title= TooDmingHuang, Hui Ming-$59,532.36
China title= TopHu, Tao+$37,780.72
China title= xiaOtSun, Li Wei-$23,850.92
China title= XiGuaWang, Lei-$46,755.92
China title= XluoSSong, Ying+$73,638.15

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