Byun "JJu" Eun Jong - StarCraft: Brood War Player

Byun, Eun Jong
Date of Birth:
February 23, 1983
Korean Age:
Korea, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$37,624.60 From 19 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Year

$8,793.48 From 3 Tournaments
23.37% of Total Prize Money Earned

2007-08-041stTeam-based Tournament » Shinhan Bank Proleague 2007 (Round 1)₩6,666,667$7,186.67StarCraft: Brood War
2007-07-1417th-32nd» GOMTV MSL #2 2007₩500,000$545.05StarCraft: Brood War
2007-03-0313th-16th» GOMTV MSL #1 2006₩1,000,000$1,061.76StarCraft: Brood War

$25,980.43 From 5 Tournaments
69.05% of Total Prize Money Earned

2006-12-01WIN» Super Fight III (Opening Match)₩10,000,000$10,780.00StarCraft: Brood War
2006-11-189th-16th» ShinHan OSL #2 2006₩2,000,000$2,137.88StarCraft: Brood War
2006-11-113rd-4th» Pringles MSL #2 2006₩5,000,000$5,341.77StarCraft: Brood War
2006-06-234th» ShinHan OSL #1 2006₩6,000,000$6,278.53StarCraft: Brood War
2006-01-212ndTeam-based Tournament » SKY Proleague 2005 (Round 2)₩1,500,000$1,442.25StarCraft: Brood War

$0.00 From 3 Tournaments
0.00% of Total Prize Money Earned

2005-11-059th-16th » So1 OSL 2005₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2005-07-029th-16th » EVER OSL 2005₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2005-03-059th-16th » IOPS OSL 2004₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War

$265.71 From 4 Tournaments
0.71% of Total Prize Money Earned

2004-11-209th-16th » EVER OSL 2004₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2004-07-319th-16th » Gillette OSL 2004₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2004-03-214th » NHN OSL 2003₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2004-02-285th-6thTeam-based Tournament 2003-2004 LG IBM MBC Team League₩285,714$265.71StarCraft: Brood War

$2,584.98 From 4 Tournaments
6.87% of Total Prize Money Earned

2003-11-309th-12th » TriGem MSL 2003₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2003-10-114thTeam-based Tournament LifeZone KPGA Team League 2003₩666,667$619.98StarCraft: Brood War
2003-07-199th-12th » Stout MSL 2003₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2003-06-222ndTeam-based Tournament KeMongSa KPGA Tour Team League 2003₩1,666,667$1,965.00StarCraft: Brood War


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