HeatoN - Emil Christensen

Emil "HeatoN" Christensen - CS:GO Player

Emil Pathric William Christensen
Date of Birth:
June 14, 1984
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$81,379.13 From 35 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
HeatoN, NiP | Christensen, NiP-HeatoN- <3 Chuck Norris, NiP-HeatoN- GamersParadise.se, SK|Christensen <HeatoN>, SK|HeatoN

Emil "HeatoN" Christensen is a former Swedish professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player, formerly playing as captain of the gaming team Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP). He is widely considered to be one of the best Counter-Strike players of all time.

Christensen was part of the original Ninjas in Pyjamas team of 2001 which won the Cyberathlete Professional League World Championship that year. He and the other members of NiP went on to become the foundation to the highly successful SK Gaming, one of the most successful teams in e-Sports history. Christensen led SK Gaming to the World Cyber Games Counter-Strike Championship in 2003 and to 4th place in 2004.

In September 2007, HeatoN quit playing Counter-Strike to be coach of NiP. He was then offered a chance to be a general manager for Stockholm in the Championship Gaming Series. HeatoN's CGS franchise is called the Stockholm Magnetik, representing him with a Counter-Strike: Source team, Dead or Alive 4 players, a FIFA 08 player and two Forza Motorsport 2 players.

With the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, HeatoN reformed NiP, with him functioning as the general manager of the team.

In June 2016, HeatoN was announced to be the first-ever inductee into the esports hall of fame, the purpose of which is to preserve the rich history of competitive video games.

Earnings By Year

Total ResultsOnline ResultsOffline/LAN Results

Earnings By Age

Total ResultsOnline ResultsOffline/LAN Results
38 Years Old$801.3710.98%|$801.3710.98%|$0.0000.00%
23 Years Old$900.0011.11%|$0.0000.00%|$900.0011.11%
22 Years Old$8,745.95510.75%|$0.0000.00%|$8,745.95510.75%
21 Years Old$5,194.1946.38%|$0.0000.00%|$5,194.1946.38%
20 Years Old$11,803.79814.50%|$0.0000.00%|$11,803.79814.50%
19 Years Old$30,632.13637.64%|$955.6311.17%|$29,676.50536.47%
18 Years Old$11,535.65614.18%|$1,284.0011.58%|$10,251.65512.60%
17 Years Old$11,036.55313.56%|$0.0000.00%|$11,036.55313.56%
16 Years Old$729.5010.90%|$0.0000.00%|$729.5010.90%

Earnings By Game

Total ResultsOnline ResultsOffline/LAN Results
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$801.3710.98%|$801.3710.98%|$0.0000.00%

Earnings By Team

Total ResultsOnline ResultsOffline/LAN Results
Ninjas in Pyjamas$27,940.951634.33%|$0.0000.00%|$27,940.951634.33%
SK Gaming$51,430.811763.20%|$2,239.6322.75%|$49,191.181560.45%
Swedish National Team$1,206.0011.48%|$0.0000.00%|$1,206.0011.48%

Highest Prize Money Won

1.2003-08-031stTeam-based Tournament » CPL Summer 2003 (Counter-Strike)$12,000.00Counter-Strike
2.2001-12-091stTeam-based Tournament » CPL World Championship 2001 (Counter-Strike)$8,333.33Counter-Strike
3.2003-10-181stTeam-based Tournament » WCG 2003 (Counter-Strike)$8,000.00Counter-Strike
4.2003-12-201stTeam-based Tournament » CPL Winter 2003 (Counter-Strike)$6,000.00Counter-Strike
5.2002-07-181stTeam-based Tournament » CPL Summer 2002 (Counter-Strike)$5,000.00Counter-Strike
6.2004-08-012ndTeam-based Tournament » CPL Summer 2004 (Counter-Strike)$4,200.00Counter-Strike
7.2002-12-223rdTeam-based Tournament » CPL Winter 2002 (Counter-Strike)$2,500.00Counter-Strike
8.2003-07-133rdTeam-based Tournament » ESWC 2003 (Counter-Strike)$2,500.00Counter-Strike
9.2006-06-191stTeam-based Tournament » WSVG Dreamhack 2006 (Counter-Strike)$2,500.00Counter-Strike
10.2005-07-241stTeam-based Tournament » GameGune 2005$2,414.19Counter-Strike

Top Placements

21 Tournaments
3 Tournaments
6 Tournaments

Other Statistics

Prize Money Earned Under 18 Years of Age

Before his 18th birthday, HeatoN was awarded $11,766.05 in cash prizes from 4 tournaments. 14.46% of his total prize money was earned before June 14, 2002.

Largest Prize from a Single Tournament

Out of the 35 tournaments awarding cash prizes that HeatoN had competed in, the largest amount was $12,000.00 from CPL Summer 2003 (Counter-Strike) on August 3, 2003. He placed 1st, making up 14.75% of his total prize money won.


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