Samuel "Boxi" Svahn - Dota 2 Player

Samuel Svahn
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$69,459.33 From 37 Tournaments
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Results by Team

$69,459.33 From 37 Tournaments
100.00% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-04-283rdTeam-based Tournament OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019-$7,000.00Dota 2
2019-02-2411th-12thTeam-based Tournament » ESL One Katowice 2019-$600.00Dota 2
2019-02-164thTeam-based Tournament WePlay! Dota 2 Valentine Madness-$1,600.00Dota 2
2019-01-2713th-16thTeam-based Tournament » The Chongqing Major 2019-$2,000.00Dota 2
2019-01-052ndTeam-based Tournament LOOT.BET Winter Masters€2,000.00$2,279.20Dota 2
2019-01-055th-8thTeam-based Tournament WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness-$500.00Dota 2
2018-12-164thTeam-based Tournament I Can't Believe It's Not Summit!-$502.00Dota 2
2018-11-189th-12thTeam-based Tournament » The Kuala Lumpur Major 2018-$3,000.00Dota 2
2018-10-259th-10thTeam-based Tournament » ESL One Hamburg 2018-$1,000.00Dota 2
2018-10-155th-6thTeam-based Tournament » WSOE Dota 2 Showdown 2018-$600.00Dota 2
2018-10-073rd-4thTeam-based Tournament GG.Bet Invitational Season 1-$1,000.00Dota 2
2018-10-021stTeam-based Tournament Reshuffle Madness-$5,000.00Dota 2
2018-08-191stTeam-based Tournament » Sunday ES.BET Invitational #2-$150.00Dota 2
2018-08-141stTeam-based Tournament Rampage Series #2€700.00$822.88Dota 2
2018-08-111stTeam-based Tournament Rumble-$1,200.00Dota 2
2018-08-091stTeam-based Tournament » joinDOTA League Season 13 Europe-$400.00Dota 2
2018-07-081stTeam-based Tournament Rampage Series #1€583.33$692.48Dota 2
2017-04-021stTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour World Finals 2017฿500,000$14,564.52Heroes of Newerth
2016-01-247th-8thTeam-based Tournament » HTS4 NA/EU: Cycle 7-$351.25Heroes of Newerth
2015-11-085th-6thTeam-based Tournament » HTS4 NA/EU: Cycle 4-$135.20Heroes of Newerth
2015-10-182ndTeam-based Tournament » HTS4 NA/EU: Cycle 3-$909.00Heroes of Newerth
2015-09-275th-6thTeam-based Tournament » HTS4 NA/EU: Cycle 2-$147.20Heroes of Newerth
2015-09-064thTeam-based Tournament » HTS4 NA/EU: Cycle 1-$537.00Heroes of Newerth
2015-06-072ndTeam-based Tournament DreamHack Summer Warm-Up-$100.00Heroes of Newerth
2015-05-21-Team-based Tournament DBL-$160.00Heroes of Newerth
2015-03-291stTeam-based Tournament » HoN Tour Season 3 World Finals-$17,421.20Heroes of Newerth
2015-02-083rdTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 NA/EU: Cycle 8-$525.00Heroes of Newerth
2015-01-303rdTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 NA/EU: Cycle 7-$935.20Heroes of Newerth
2014-12-192ndTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 NA/EU: Cycle 6-$1,108.40Heroes of Newerth
2014-11-231stTeam-based Tournament Grimm's Cup #4-$100.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-11-075th-6thTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 NA/EU: Cycle 4-$422.40Heroes of Newerth
2014-10-052ndTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 NA/EU: Cycle 3-$1,276.60Heroes of Newerth
2014-09-142ndTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 NA/EU: Cycle 2-$1,244.60Heroes of Newerth
2014-08-243rdTeam-based Tournament » HTS3 NA/EU: Cycle 1-$753.60Heroes of Newerth
2014-04-272ndTeam-based Tournament » Garena Invite Cup #4-$60.00Heroes of Newerth
2014-02-232ndTeam-based Tournament » Garena Invite Cup #2-$60.00Heroes of Newerth
2013-02-144thTeam-based Tournament » HTS4 NA/EU: Cycle 8-$301.60Heroes of Newerth


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