Mykola "Weiss" Poplavskyi - CS:GO Player

Mykola Poplavskyi
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$16,300.70 From 50 Tournaments
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Results by Game

$15,300.70 From 49 Tournaments
93.87% of Total Prize Money Earned

2010-02-232ndTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Winter 2010 (Counter-Strike)p.15,000$500.17
2010-02-142ndTeam-based Tournament » Arbalet Cup February 2010-$600.00
2009-10-251stTeam-based Tournament LCG Supercup-$1,000.00
2009-09-191stTeam-based Tournament LCG Ukraine S4 Finals1,400 ГРн$168.00
2009-08-295th-6thTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Summer 2009 (Counter-Strike)p.3,000$94.84
2009-05-235th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Spring 2009 (Counter-Strike)p.4,000$128.21
2009-05-173rdTeam-based Tournament DTS-CUP 2009-$800.00
2009-04-041stTeam-based Tournament Cominfo Cyber Games 2008-$320.00
2009-03-143rdTeam-based Tournament LCG Ukraine 2009 Finals400 ГРн$47.39
2009-02-225th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Winter 2009 (Counter-Strike)p.4,000$111.99
2007-10-073rdTeam-based Tournament » WCG 2007 (Counter-Strike)-$3,000.00
2007-09-164thTeam-based Tournament Intel Challenge Cup 2007-$800.00
2007-08-262ndTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Summer 2007 (Counter-Strike)p.22,000$856.80
2007-06-101stTeam-based Tournament UACAP S1 Finals1,040 ГРн$203.89
2007-05-275th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Spring 2007 (Counter-Strike)p.4,000$154.46
2007-04-17-Team-based Tournament Intel Challenge Cup 2007 Ukraine-$150.00
2007-04-083rdTeam-based Tournament DTS Cup 2007-$200.00
2007-02-172ndTeam-based Tournament C58 Cup Finals-$60.00
2006-12-242ndTeam-based Tournament LCG 2006300 ГРн$59.42
2006-12-102ndTeam-based Tournament NetLine Cupp.6,000$229.08
2006-12-011stTeam-based Tournament КСL #7-$60.00
2006-11-265th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Autumn 2006 (Counter-Strike)p.5,500$208.33
2006-11-043rdTeam-based Tournament Chatrix Tourney-$100.00
2006-08-272ndTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Summer 2006 (Counter-Strike)p.24,000$895.32
2006-05-281stTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Spring 2006 (Counter-Strike)p.32,000$1,183.26
2006-04-303rdTeam-based Tournament GIGA Games Spring 2006-$200.00
2006-04-233rdTeam-based Tournament DTS Cup 2006-$120.00
2006-03-181stTeam-based Tournament European Сapital-$240.00
2006-03-052ndTeam-based Tournament Planet-X Spring 2006-$55.00
2006-02-252ndTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Winter 2006 (Counter-Strike)p.14,000$496.56
2006-02-041stTeam-based Tournament On-Line.Game OPEN CS-$200.00
2006-01-142ndTeam-based Tournament The C-club Reloaded300 ГРн$59.41
2005-12-122ndTeam-based Tournament Cyber Blizzard 2005p.6,000$208.04
2005-11-271stTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Autumn 2005 (Counter-Strike)p.10,000$347.27
2005-09-083rdTeam-based Tournament Skyline CyberGame 2005-$40.00
2005-08-215th-6thTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Summer 2005 (Counter-Strike)p.1,000$34.97
2005-07-102ndTeam-based Tournament DTC Cup Summer 2005300 ГРн$59.86
2005-04-243rdTeam-based Tournament VooDoo Cup 2005-$50.00
2005-02-274thTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Winter 2005 (Counter-Strike)p.3,000$108.13
2004-06-133rdTeam-based Tournament Donbass Cup200 ГРн$37.75
2004-06-063rdTeam-based Tournament C-club Open Cup 200470 ГРн$13.11
2004-03-284thTeam-based Tournament Intel Cybersport Cup€80.00$97.12
2004-02-295th-6thTeam-based Tournament » ASUS Winter 2004 (Counter-Strike)-$40.00
2004-01-101stTeam-based Tournament C-club Open Cup Winter 2004400 ГРн$75.51
2003-11-231stTeam-based Tournament Flashback Open Cup 2003-$600.00
2003-10-262ndTeam-based Tournament SBS-6p.1,600$53.48
2003-03-021stTeam-based Tournament Trinity Cup-$80.00
2003-02-151stTeam-based Tournament KCL #1320 ГРн$53.33
2003-01-111stTeam-based Tournament VooDoo4 Cup 2003-$100.00

$1,000.00 From 1 Tournament
6.13% of Total Prize Money Earned

2015-05-311stTeam-based Tournament » Staff Cup #2-$1,000.00


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