Frederik Høj "Hoej" Nielsen - Hearthstone Player

Frederik Høj Nielsen
Date of Birth:
November 29, 1992
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$177,767.15 From 42 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$19,147.05 From 11 Tournaments
10.77% of Total Prize Money Earned

2020-09-152nd» Battleriff Pro League Season 9-$600.00Hearthstone
2020-03-226 Wins» Masters Tour 2020 Los Angeles-$2,250.00Hearthstone
2019-06-168 Wins» Masters Tour 2019 Las Vegas-$1,500.00Hearthstone
2019-02-035th-8th» ABL - S1: Main Event-$50.00Artifact Classic
2019-01-264thOGA Pit Series-$1,200.00Artifact Classic
2019-01-1333rd-64th» HCT 2018/19 - Season 3 - Europe-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2018-12-305th-8thHearthstone All-Star Invitational 2018-$5,000.00Hearthstone
2018-12-042nd» WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength-$3,000.00Artifact Classic
2018-10-015th-8th» HCT 2018 - Oslo-$600.00Hearthstone
2018-09-092nd» CBE 2018 - Hearthstone4,500 DKK$697.05Hearthstone
2018-09-0213th» HCT 2018/19 - Season 2 - Europe-$3,250.00Hearthstone

$2,000.00 From 2 Tournaments
1.13% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-11-0326th-33rdTeam-based Tournament » Hearthstone Global Games 2018-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2017-08-2625th-32ndTeam-based Tournament » Hearthstone Global Games 2017-$1,000.00Hearthstone

$112,526.72 From 8 Tournaments
63.30% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-04-085th-8th» Copa América 2018 Autumn Season (HS)-$750.00Hearthstone
2018-01-2113th-16th» Hearthstone World Championship 2017-$25,000.00Hearthstone
2017-12-102ndTeam-based Tournament » Gold Club World Championship 2017 (Hearthstone)-$23,333.33Hearthstone
2017-12-105th-6thTeam-based Tournament » Trinity Series Season 2-$1,500.00Hearthstone
2017-11-175th-8th» WEGL 2017 (Hearthstone)₩250,000$227.75Hearthstone
2017-10-293rd-4th» StriveWire's October Championship Series€500.00$590.64Hearthstone
2017-07-091st» 2017 Hearthstone Spring Championship-$60,000.00Hearthstone
2017-06-195th-8th» DreamHack Summer 2017 (Hearthstone)-$1,125.00Hearthstone

$1,593.38 From 1 Tournament
0.90% of Total Prize Money Earned

2017-02-041stGamersOrigin Hearthstone Challenge€1,500.00$1,593.38Hearthstone

$500.00 From 1 Tournament
0.28% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-10-142ndTeam-based Tournament The Deck Gauntlet 4-$500.00Hearthstone

$13,000.00 From 8 Tournaments
7.31% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-09-091stTeam-based Tournament The Deck Gauntlet 3-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2016-07-107th-8th» StarLadder & i-League StarSeries - Season 2 (HS)-$1,500.00Hearthstone
2016-06-203rd-4th» DreamHack Summer 2016 (HS)-$2,250.00Hearthstone
2016-04-173rd-4thThe Deck Gauntlet 1-$500.00Hearthstone
2016-02-283rd-4thWombology Invitational #1-$500.00Hearthstone
2015-11-283rd-4th» DreamHack Winter 2015 (Hearthstone)-$5,000.00Hearthstone
2015-11-015th-8th» DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015: PGL Winter Tavern Tales-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2015-10-045th-6th» European Championship 2015 (Hearthstone)-$1,250.00Hearthstone

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$29,000.00 From 11 Tournaments
16.31% of Total Prize Money Earned

2021-06-2165th-128th» Masters Tour 2021 Dalaran-$750.00Hearthstone
2021-03-1433rd-64th» Masters Tour 2021 Ironforge-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2020-02-025 Wins» Masters Tour 2020 Arlington-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2019-08-188 Wins» Masters Tour 2019 Seoul-$1,500.00Hearthstone
2016-09-252ndONOG Start Democracy Invitational-$3,000.00Hearthstone
2016-09-184th» PGL Bucharest Tavern Tales 2016-$2,000.00Hearthstone
2015-09-061st» Gfinity 2015 Summer Masters II (Hearthstone)-$5,000.00Hearthstone
2015-08-305th-6thONOG Summer Circuit Finals-$1,500.00Hearthstone
2015-08-013rd-4th» ASUS ROG Summer 2015 Hearthstone-$2,000.00Hearthstone
2015-05-315th-8th» Viagame House Cup #3-$1,250.00Hearthstone
2015-03-291st» Viagame House Cup #2-$10,000.00Hearthstone


Frederik Høj Nielsen on Twitter: "Happy to announce I join a new org. Planet Odd together with Xixo and Surrender - their colo
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