Hu "MacSed" Xiang - StarCraft II Player

Hu, Xiang
Date of Birth:
October 4, 1987
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$125,655.81 From 155 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$124,366.15 From 151 Tournaments
98.97% of Total Prize Money Earned

2024-04-2812th-14th» ESL SC2 Masters 2024 Spring: Asia-$800.00StarCraft II
2023-11-1912th-14th» ESL SC2 Masters 2023 Winter: Asia-$700.00StarCraft II
2023-08-1312thTeam-based Tournament » World Team League 2023 Summer Code SCN¥3,000$426.00StarCraft II
2023-05-2112th-14th» ESL SC2 Masters 2023 Summer: Asia-$800.00StarCraft II
2023-04-025thTeam-based Tournament » World Team League 2023 Summer Code ACN¥267$38.67StarCraft II
2023-02-1911thTeam-based Tournament » World Team League 2022 Winter (Code S)CN¥3,667$534.04StarCraft II
2022-10-095th-6th» DH SC2 Masters 2022 Atlanta: China-$1,300.00StarCraft II
2022-09-202ndTeam-based Tournament » World Team League 2022 Winter (Code A)CN¥1,333$196.80StarCraft II
2022-07-13WIN» World Team League 2022 Summer: MacSed vs Vindicta-$100.00StarCraft II
2022-07-06WIN» World Team League 2022 Summer: MacSed vs MeomaikA-$100.00StarCraft II
2022-05-295th-6th» DH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia: China-$1,300.00StarCraft II
2022-02-065th-8th» ESL Open Cup #109 Korea-$50.00StarCraft II
2022-01-305th-8th» ESL Open Cup #108 Korea-$50.00StarCraft II
2022-01-2312thTeam-based Tournament » World Team League 2021 WinterCN¥3,033$461.07StarCraft II
2022-01-165th-8th» ESL Open Cup #106 Korea-$50.00StarCraft II
2021-10-105th-6th» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: China-$850.00StarCraft II
2021-09-195th-8th» ESL Open Cup #89 Korea-$50.00StarCraft II
2021-08-082nd» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: China-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2021-07-1111thTeam-based Tournament » World Team League 2021 SummerCN¥2,000$312.60StarCraft II
2021-05-307th-8th» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: China-$550.00StarCraft II
2021-05-235th-8th» ESL Open Cup #72 Korea-$50.00StarCraft II
2021-03-303rd-4th» OlimoLeague March 2021-$50.00StarCraft II
2021-03-162nd» OlimoLeague Week #221-$50.00StarCraft II
2021-03-013rd-4th» ESL Open Cup #60 Korea-$50.00StarCraft II
2020-12-153rd-4th» OlimoLeague Week #212-$25.00StarCraft II
2020-11-052nd» Kung Fu Cup 2020 - Weekly #26-$100.00StarCraft II
2020-11-015th-6th» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: China-$900.00StarCraft II
2020-10-263rd-4th» ESL Open Cup #42 Korea-$50.00StarCraft II
2020-10-118thTeam-based Tournament » Gold Series Team Championship 2020 FallCN¥2,000$282.80StarCraft II
2020-10-095th-8th» Gold Series Team Championship 2020 Fall AllstarsCN¥3,000$424.20StarCraft II
2020-09-063rd» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: China-$1,600.00StarCraft II
2020-07-054th» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: CN-$1,200.00StarCraft II
2020-06-286thTeam-based Tournament » Gold Series Team Championship 2020 SpringCN¥2,500$353.50StarCraft II
2020-05-152nd» Alpha X Dragon's Arena #4-$25.00StarCraft II
2020-05-035th-8th» GPC 2020 Tier 2 #3CN¥500$71.00StarCraft II
2020-04-265th-8th» GPC 2020 Tier 2 #2CN¥500$70.50StarCraft II
2020-03-053rd-4th» Kung Fu Cup 2020 - Weekly #7-$50.00StarCraft II
2020-03-044thKubo Esports Cup - Spring InvitationalCN¥1,000$144.00StarCraft II
2020-02-221st» Alpha X Dragon's Arena #2-$50.00StarCraft II
2019-11-175th-8th» WESG 2019/20 - Northern Chinese Qualifier (SC2)CN¥1,000$142.31StarCraft II
2019-08-195th-8th» Blazing Series: May Season 2NT$1,200.00$38.76StarCraft II
2019-07-285th-8th» WCS 2019 Fall - CN QualifierCN¥5,000$745.00StarCraft II
2019-06-118thTeam-based Tournament China Team Championship 2019 Season 1CN¥1,429$211.43StarCraft II
2019-06-075th-8th» WCS 2019 Summer - CN QualifierCN¥5,000$745.00StarCraft II
2019-05-243rd» K88 Bet Challenger Cup #1CN¥550$81.40StarCraft II
2019-05-1925th-32nd» WCS 2019 Spring-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2019-04-212nd» GPC April 2019 #1CN¥1,000$142.00StarCraft II
2019-04-191st» WCS 2019 Spring - CN QualifierCN¥30,000$4,470.00StarCraft II
2019-03-293rd» GPC March 2019 #2CN¥600$85.20StarCraft II
2019-01-219th-12th» WCS 2019 Winter - CN QualifierCN¥3,000$440.10StarCraft II
2019-01-195th-6th» NetEase Esports X Tournament - Winter 2019 (SC2)CN¥5,000$726.00StarCraft II
2019-01-13Round 2» OSC Championship 6-$10.00StarCraft II
2019-01-063rd» NESO 2018 (SC2)CN¥10,000$1,468.00StarCraft II
2018-10-032nd» WESG 2018 - China Finals (SC2)CN¥20,000$2,912.00StarCraft II
2018-06-3013th-16th» GPL 2018 Season 3 Premier LeagueCN¥1,000$157.88StarCraft II
2018-04-015th-8th» SC2Online OSC Masters Cup #110-$25.00StarCraft II
2017-12-301stTeam-based Tournament » Neo Star League 2017 (SC2)CN¥10,000$1,532.10StarCraft II
2017-12-214th» SC2Online OSC Masters Cup #108-$50.00StarCraft II
2017-11-198th» Kung Fu Cup 2017 Super League-$750.00StarCraft II
2017-09-1025th-32nd» DreamHack Montreal 2017 (SC2)-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2017-08-168th» GPL 2017 Season 3 Premier LeagueCN¥2,500$374.66StarCraft II
2017-07-091st» WESG 2017 China - Guangxi (SC2)CN¥3,000$440.40StarCraft II
2017-06-308th» GPL 2017 Season 2 Premier LeagueCN¥5,500$824.24StarCraft II
2017-06-041stTeam-based Tournament » Neo Star League 2016 (SC2)CN¥16,667$2,553.50StarCraft II
2017-05-214th» GPL 2017 Season 1 Premier League #2CN¥19,000$2,760.42StarCraft II
2017-04-094th» GPL 2017 Season 1 Premier LeagueCN¥19,000$2,760.42StarCraft II
2017-01-083rd-4th» GPL 2016 Grand FinalsCN¥15,000$2,168.10StarCraft II
2016-07-033rd-4th» GPL 2016 Season 2 Premier LeagueCN¥8,000$1,215.20StarCraft II
2016-06-111st» WESG 2016 - China Nanning Qualifier (SC2)CN¥5,000$762.00StarCraft II
2016-05-193rd» Douyu Cup #28-$15.00StarCraft II
2016-04-065th-6th» WCS 2016 Spring Regional Challengers - CN-$600.00StarCraft II
2016-01-037th-8th» GPL 2015 Season 3 Premier LeagueCN¥3,000$460.84StarCraft II
2015-12-293rdTeam-based Tournament eGamers Archon OpenNT$10,000.00$297.70StarCraft II
2015-12-272ndTeam-based Tournament Starcraft League 2015CN¥2,857$440.39StarCraft II
2015-11-082nd» NESO 2015 (SC2)CN¥20,000$3,144.75StarCraft II
2015-10-102nd» WSVG Maldives 2015 (SC2)-$5,000.00StarCraft II
2015-09-232nd» Leifeng Cup #118-$25.00StarCraft II
2015-09-222nd» Leifeng Cup #117-$25.00StarCraft II
2015-08-319th-12th» MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015 (SC2)-$400.00StarCraft II
2015-06-2117th-24th» Kung Fu Cup 2015 - Season 1CN¥1,000$161.08StarCraft II
2015-06-14WINShowmatch MacSed vs. Shana Bo69CN¥2,900$467.22StarCraft II
2015-05-3010th-11th» GPL 2015 Season 2 Premier LeagueCN¥2,500$403.15StarCraft II
2015-04-3033rd-64th» WCS 2015 Season 2 Challenger-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2015-04-222nd» Leifeng Cup #77-$35.00StarCraft II
2015-04-195th-8th» GPL 2015 Season 1 Premier LeagueCN¥3,000$481.24StarCraft II
2015-04-10LOSE» 2015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 (Challenge)₩200,000$181.56StarCraft II
2015-04-059th-12th» WCS 2015 Season 1 Premier League-$6,000.00StarCraft II
2015-03-263rd» Leifeng Cup #74-$15.00StarCraft II
2015-03-252nd» Leifeng Cup #73-$35.00StarCraft II
2015-01-255th-8th» GPL 2014 Season 2 Premier LeagueCN¥2,000$320.82StarCraft II
2015-01-242nd» SOC 2013-2014 Grand FinalsCN¥20,000$3,208.00StarCraft II
2015-01-212nd» Leifeng Cup #70-$35.00StarCraft II
2014-12-215th-8th» Kung Fu Cup 2014 - Season 1CN¥1,000$160.71StarCraft II
2014-12-192nd» Leifeng Cup #60-$35.00StarCraft II
2014-12-072nd» NESO 2014 (SC2)CN¥20,000$3,251.92StarCraft II
2014-11-132nd» Leifeng Cup #45-$35.00StarCraft II
2014-11-093rd» Leifeng Cup #41-$15.00StarCraft II
2014-11-082nd» Leifeng Cup #40-$35.00StarCraft II
2014-11-023rd-4th» NEST 2014 (SC2)CN¥6,000$981.56StarCraft II
2014-10-223rd» Leifeng Cup #31-$15.00StarCraft II
2014-10-1225th-32nd» WCS North America 2014 Season 3 Premier-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2014-09-279th-16th» GPL 2014 Season 1 Premier LeagueCN¥1,000$163.21StarCraft II
2014-09-253rd» Leifeng Cup #6-$15.00StarCraft II
2014-09-221st» Leifeng Cup #3-$50.00StarCraft II
2014-09-203rd» Leifeng Cup #1-$15.00StarCraft II
2014-09-077th-8th» WEC 2014 (StarCraft 2)CN¥10,000$1,628.53StarCraft II
2014-07-205th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 23 (SC2)CN¥100$16.13StarCraft II
2014-07-062nd» Ifeng Cup Week 22 (SC2)CN¥500$80.64StarCraft II
2014-07-0625th-32nd» WCS North America 2014 Season 2 Premier-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2014-06-223rd» Ifeng Cup Week 21 (SC2)CN¥300$48.16StarCraft II
2014-06-082nd» Ifeng Cup Week 20 (SC2)CN¥500$80.26StarCraft II
2014-05-251st» Ifeng Cup Week 19 (SC2)CN¥1,000$160.28StarCraft II
2014-05-115th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 18 (SC2)CN¥100$16.03StarCraft II
2014-04-195th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 17 (SC2)CN¥100$16.06StarCraft II
2014-04-1313th-16th» WCS North America 2014 Season 1 Premier-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2014-03-223rd» Ifeng Cup Week 16 (SC2)CN¥300$48.60StarCraft II
2014-03-081st» Ifeng Cup Week 15 (SC2)CN¥1,000$162.00StarCraft II
2014-02-225th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 14 (SC2)CN¥100$16.45StarCraft II
2014-01-254th» Ifeng Cup Week 13 (SC2)CN¥100$16.53StarCraft II
2014-01-182nd» G-League 2013 Season 1 (StarCraft II)CN¥20,000$3,306.66StarCraft II
2014-01-072nd» Red Bull ECL 2013 (StarCraft II)CN¥5,000$826.36StarCraft II
2013-12-281st» Ifeng Cup Week 12 (SC2)CN¥1,000$164.65StarCraft II
2013-12-141st» Ifeng Cup Week 11 (SC2)CN¥1,000$164.65StarCraft II
2013-11-244th» OSC ChampionshipA$150.00$137.54StarCraft II
2013-11-165th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 9 (SC2)CN¥100$16.41StarCraft II
2013-11-103rd» NEST 2013 (SC2)CN¥10,000$1,642.45StarCraft II
2013-11-025th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 8 (SC2)CN¥100$16.41StarCraft II
2013-11-015th-8th» StarsWar League Season 3-$500.00StarCraft II
2013-10-207th-8th» WCS America 2013 Season 3 Premier-$3,500.00StarCraft II
2013-10-132nd» WCG China Finals 2013 (StarCraft II)CN¥20,000$3,267.81StarCraft II
2013-09-282nd» Ifeng Cup Week 6 (SC2)CN¥500$81.70StarCraft II
2013-09-145th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 5 (SC2)CN¥100$16.34StarCraft II
2013-08-315th-6th» Hong Kong Esports Tournament (SC2)HK$1,000.00$128.95StarCraft II
2013-08-117th-8th» WCS America 2013 Season 2 Premier-$3,500.00StarCraft II
2013-08-032nd» Ifeng Cup Week 2 (SC2)CN¥500$81.67StarCraft II
2013-07-289th-12th» IEM VIII - Shanghai (StarCraft II)-$400.00StarCraft II
2013-07-205th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 1 (SC2)CN¥100$16.29StarCraft II
2013-06-179th-16th» WCS America 2013 Season 1 Challenger-$200.00StarCraft II
2013-05-192nd» NVIDIA Game Festival 2013 (StarCraft II)CN¥20,000$3,258.12StarCraft II
2013-02-077th-8thAsia Starcraft LeagueNT$3,000.00$103.17StarCraft II
2013-01-184th» NSL 2012 Season 2 (StarCraft II)CN¥5,000$806.05StarCraft II
2012-12-023rd» WCG 2012 (StarCraft II)-$5,000.00StarCraft II
2012-10-1417th-24th» WCS 2012: Asia-$700.00StarCraft II
2012-07-213rdTeam-based Tournament Asia StarCraft II Invitational Tournament-$666.67StarCraft II
2012-07-155th-8th» WCS 2012: China-$300.00StarCraft II
2012-06-171st» GIGABYTE StarsWar 7 (StarCraft II)CN¥20,000$3,141.57StarCraft II
2012-04-301st» NVIDIA Game Festival 2012 (Starcraft II)-$5,000.00StarCraft II
2012-04-155th-8th» NSL 2012 Season 1 (StarCraft II)CN¥2,000$317.56StarCraft II
2012-03-01Round 1» GSL Season 1 2012 (Code A)₩400,000$358.70StarCraft II
2012-02-05LOSE» NASL Sunday Showdown #3-$100.00StarCraft II
2011-08-073rd» WCG China Finals 2011 (SC2)CN¥5,000$776.30StarCraft II

$125.00 From 1 Tournament
0.10% of Total Prize Money Earned

2008-05-035th-8thTeam-based Tournament Road of the King-$125.00WarCraft III

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$1,164.66 From 3 Tournaments
0.93% of Total Prize Money Earned

2024-02-07WINTeam-based Tournament Bilibili Spring Festival All-Star ShowmatchCN¥4,292$603.49Stormgate
2011-06-182ndTeam-based Tournament NetEase SC2 League 2011 Team TournamentCN¥1,250$193.20StarCraft II
2010-08-156th» ECL 2010 Season 3 (WarCraft III)CN¥2,500$367.97WarCraft III


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