Jon "Orange" Westberg - Hearthstone Player

Jon Westberg
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World Ranking:
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$310,100.72 From 69 Tournaments
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Results by Team

$47,446.84 From 13 Tournaments
15.30% of Total Prize Money Earned

2021-08-299th-16th» Masters Tour 2021 Silvermoon-$3,000.00Hearthstone
2021-05-0265th-128th» Masters Tour 2021 Orgrimmar-$750.00Hearthstone
2021-03-1465th-128th» Masters Tour 2021 Ironforge-$750.00Hearthstone
2021-03-141st» MAX Open Cup #6€250.00$298.84Hearthstone
2020-08-021stTeam-based Tournament » Hearthstone Gold Club World Cup 2020 (Standard)CN¥100,000$14,000.00Hearthstone
2020-03-226 Wins» Masters Tour 2020 Los Angeles-$2,250.00Hearthstone
2019-10-206th» Masters Tour 2019 Bucharest-$13,648.00Hearthstone
2019-10-1415th» GrandMasters 2019 Season 2 - EMEA-$3,000.00Hearthstone
2019-09-192nd» Battleriff Pro League Summer Finals-$3,000.00Hearthstone
2019-08-221st» Battleriff Pro League Season 5-$750.00Hearthstone
2019-07-144th» GrandMasters 2019 Season 1 - EMEA-$5,000.00Hearthstone
2019-06-16-» Masters Tour 2019 Las Vegas-$500.00Hearthstone
2019-05-055th-8theSports Arena - Hall of Heroes-$500.00Hearthstone

$2,412.50 From 3 Tournaments
0.78% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-12-2225th-32ndTeam-based Tournament » Hearthstone Global Games 2019-$312.50Hearthstone
2018-11-0318th-25thTeam-based Tournament » Hearthstone Global Games 2018-$1,100.00Hearthstone
2017-08-2633rd-40thTeam-based Tournament » Hearthstone Global Games 2017-$1,000.00Hearthstone

$193,437.46 From 20 Tournaments
62.38% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-05-271st» Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational 2018-$12,000.00Hearthstone
2018-05-0633rd-64th» HCT 2018/19 - Season 1 - Europe-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2018-03-259th-16th» HCT 2018 - Oslo #1-$300.00Hearthstone
2018-02-115th-8th» HCT 2018 - Germany #1-$600.00Hearthstone
2018-01-219th-12th» Hearthstone World Championship 2017-$25,000.00Hearthstone
2017-12-173rd-4th» SeatStory Cup VIII-$2,000.00Hearthstone
2017-12-104thTeam-based Tournament » Gold Club World Championship 2017 (Hearthstone)-$13,333.33Hearthstone
2017-11-173rd-4th» WEGL 2017 (Hearthstone)₩2,500,000$2,277.50Hearthstone
2017-10-152nd» 2017 Hearthstone Summer Championship-$40,000.00Hearthstone
2017-10-015th-8th» StriveWire's September Championship Series€100.00$118.13Hearthstone
2017-06-191st» DreamHack Summer 2017 (Hearthstone)-$7,500.00Hearthstone
2017-05-145th-8thCN vs EU Championship 2017€1,000.00$1,066.38Hearthstone
2017-03-189th-12thONOG Major Austin 2017-$200.00Hearthstone
2017-03-187th-8thTeam-based Tournament » Trinity Series Season 1-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2017-03-127th-8thONOG PAX East Major 2017-$300.00Hearthstone
2017-01-295th-8th» PAX South 2017 ONOG Major-$250.00Hearthstone
2017-01-152nd» WESG 2016 (Hearthstone)-$70,000.00Hearthstone
2016-12-181st» SeatStory Cup VI-$10,000.00Hearthstone
2016-10-163rd-4th» Kinguin for Charity with Paypal-$500.00Hearthstone
2016-10-092nd» WESG 2016 - Europe & CIS Finals (Hearthstone)CN¥40,000$5,992.12Hearthstone

$27,090.39 From 16 Tournaments
8.74% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-05-089th-16th» DreamHack Austin 2016 (HS)-$750.00Hearthstone
2016-04-245th-8th» PAX East 2016 ONOG Major-$250.00Hearthstone
2016-04-173rd-4thThe Deck Gauntlet 1-$500.00Hearthstone
2016-02-065th-8th» Assembly Winter 2016 (HS)€100.00$111.59Hearthstone
2016-01-231st» ASUS ROG 10th Anniversary Tournament-$5,000.00Hearthstone
2015-11-285th-8th» DreamHack Winter 2015 (Hearthstone)-$2,500.00Hearthstone
2015-11-215th-8th» GameGune 2015€300.00$319.44Hearthstone
2015-11-155th-8th» SeatStory Cup IV-$500.00Hearthstone
2015-10-183rd» StarLadder StarSeries - Hearthstone Season 1-$2,500.00Hearthstone
2015-09-271stAbios Grand Tournament-$2,500.00Hearthstone
2015-07-179th-12th» Vulcun Deckmasters #1 (Playoffs)-$500.00Hearthstone
2015-07-095th-6th» StarLadder StarSeries - Hearthstone Kick-Off-$600.00Hearthstone
2015-07-072 Wins» Vulcun Deckmasters #1 (Group Stage)-$400.00Hearthstone
2015-05-173rd-4thBrawler's Inn€400.00$459.36Hearthstone
2015-04-2910th» KPL 2015 Season 1 - Group Horde-$200.00Hearthstone
2015-04-121st» SeatStory Cup III-$10,000.00Hearthstone

$1,842.20 From 1 Tournament
0.59% of Total Prize Money Earned

2015-05-19LOSETeam-based Tournament » OGN Hearthstone Masters KR - Special Match₩2,000,000$1,842.20Hearthstone

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$37,871.33 From 16 Tournaments
12.21% of Total Prize Money Earned

2022-05-013rd-4th» Masters Tour 2022 Voyage to the Sunken City-$7,000.00Hearthstone
2022-03-2017th-32nd» Masters Tour 2022 Ruins of Alterac-$1,666.00Hearthstone
2022-02-20129th-256th» Masters Tour 2022 Onyxia's Lair-$645.00Hearthstone
2021-11-2165th-128th» Masters Tour 2021 Undercity-$750.00Hearthstone
2019-07-109thTeam-based Tournament » Twitch Rivals: MTGA Team Draft Challenge (July 2019)-$375.00Magic: The Gathering Arena
2019-05-092ndTeam-based Tournament » Twitch Rivals: MTGA Team Draft Challenge (May 2019)-$2,500.00Magic: The Gathering Arena
2019-01-1333rd-64th» HCT 2018/19 - Season 3 - Europe-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2018-12-3010thSpecialist Showdown-$500.00Hearthstone
2018-10-023rd-4thCN vs EU Championship 2018€5,000.00$5,810.00Hearthstone
2018-07-293rd-4th» SeatStory Cup IX-$2,000.00Hearthstone
2018-07-0817th-32nd» HCT 2018 - Italy-$250.00Hearthstone
2016-09-185th-8th» PGL Bucharest Tavern Tales 2016-$1,000.00Hearthstone
2016-06-209th-16th» DreamHack Summer 2016 (HS)-$750.00Hearthstone
2015-03-151st» ESL HLS - Katowice 2015-$13,000.00Hearthstone
2015-01-313rd-4th» The Pinnacle 2-$500.00Hearthstone
2014-12-215th-8th» Numericable M-House Cup 5€100.00$125.33Hearthstone


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