James "Bakery" Baker - Heroes of the Storm Player

James Baker
Date of Birth:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$134,818.57 From 31 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Earnings Compared To Other Players

Poland title= adrdAdrian Wójcik+$31,535.65
Denmark title= AlexTheProGAlexander Grumstrup+$50,856.12
Taiwan, Republic of China title= AlphalunaWu, Chun Yu+$81,277.57
United Kingdom title= ArmSpaghettiBen Middleton+$134,762.05
United States title= ArthelonTaylor Eder+$58,835.97
United Kingdom title= AtheroangelLawrence Harper+$14,216.95
China title= BaoChang, Qi+$122,594.36
Taiwan, Republic of China title= BaphometLi, Qi Hua+$91,993.43
France title= BlackscorpCristofer Embareck+$123,112.81
Sweden title= BreezPontus Sjogren-$53,159.74
China title= canjianChen, Tianze+$76,249.15
United Kingdom title= CeeJChris Cannon+$134,510.74
United Kingdom title= Chacob- -+$134,774.55
United Kingdom title= Cherez- -+$134,048.99
United Kingdom title= CloodClaudia Maw+$134,048.99
Korea, Republic of title= CrazymoviNGHan, Ki Soo+$40,432.61
Korea, Republic of title= damiPark, Ju Dam+$25,103.77
China title= DdDou, Dou+$118,733.33
United States title= DreadnaughtWade Penfold+$114,003.57
Korea, Republic of title= duckdeokKim, Kyung Deok+$11,823.89
United States title= DunkTrainRicardo Marques+$56,821.41
Bulgaria title= ethernalAlexander Milanov+$41,670.24
China title= ExiaMa, Chi+$121,337.93
United States title= FanFan Yang-$14,473.19
China title= GeminiJiayi, Guo+$46,060.48
Taiwan, Republic of China title= GoDDogSu, Yu Yen+$68,853.51
China title= GuijAn, Qiusong+$118,733.33
United Kingdom title= HadesashAsh Dixon+$134,762.05
Germany title= HasuObsDennis Schneider-$90,880.74
Korea, Republic of title= HideJing, Yeong Hwan+$11,430.55
Korea, Republic of title= HongconoLee, Dae Hyung+$45,603.77
United Kingdom title= Hoss- -+$133,818.57
China title= iDreamKun Fang+$20,781.41
United Kingdom title= iNveiNCarl Case+$134,510.74
Korea, Republic of title= JaeHyunPark, Jae Hyun+$48,840.74
France title= JayPLJérome Trinh-$95,851.34
Korea, Republic of title= JeonghaLee, Jeong Ha-$65,628.85
United States title= k1Keiwan Itakura-$4,471.09
China title= kaerdiarZhang, Kai+$115,754.91
United States title= KaeyohKurt Orcher+$108,703.57
United States title= KingCaffeineJohn Paul Lopez-$3,478.59
Korea, Republic of title= KinnuKim, Byeong Gwan+$111,814.01
Korea, Republic of title= KongSon, Jun Young+$94,360.47
Korea, Republic of title= KyoChaJeong, Won Ho-$329,742.25
United Kingdom title= Lampi- -+$132,431.53
United Kingdom title= LanaDelCray- -+$134,048.99
China title= liangHuang, Xiaoliang+$111,667.65
Korea, Republic of title= LockdownJin, Jae Hun-$22,130.54
China title= mPu, Hao+$48,229.67
China title= melodyCZheng, Xiangzhi+$28,529.92
France title= MénèThomas Cailleux-$9,805.77
Korea, Republic of title= merrydayLee, Tae Jun-$51,785.59
United Kingdom title= Myth- -+$134,048.99
Korea, Republic of title= NachoJinPark, Jin Su-$12,103.60
China title= NccCcLi, Tuo+$34,618.76
Korea, Republic of title= NoblesseChae, Do Joon-$49,218.97
Sweden title= QuackNiixDob Engström-$46,185.69
Korea, Republic of title= ResetIm, Jin Woo-$225,274.95
Korea, Republic of title= RichLee, Jae Won-$294,889.61
Korea, Republic of title= sakeLee, Jung Hyeog-$327,972.21
China title= sbyQu, Lu+$122,420.41
Sweden title= SchwimpiSimon Svensson-$56,828.66
Korea, Republic of title= sCsCKim, Seung Chul-$135,675.91
United Kingdom title= Shaw- -+$134,048.99
Korea, Republic of title= SignYoon, Ji Hoon-$78,099.27
China title= skSong, Jize+$59,438.17
United Kingdom title= SlamJamHenderson McDonald+$134,510.74
Sweden title= SmexystyleFilip Liljeström-$49,576.73
Korea, Republic of title= SniperKwon, Tae Hoon-$63,580.53
United Kingdom title= SnitchJoshua Bennett-$103,980.00
United States title= So1dierJosh Miller+$110,653.57
Bulgaria title= SplendourLyubomir Kozlovski+$28,336.39
Korea, Republic of title= SwoyKim, Seung Won-$17,009.68
China title= TigerChen, Hanfei+$20,611.51
Korea, Republic of title= TtsstKang, Woon Sung-$218,887.41
China title= TumiWu, Zhihao+$22,648.16
United Kingdom title= WardChris Ward+$134,762.05
United Kingdom title= WatchDogOtis Roberts+$134,762.05
Sweden title= WubbyJonathan Gunnarsson-$129,940.63
China title= xiaOtSun, Li Wei+$30,122.32
China title= XingCKang, Lunhan+$12,398.56
Slovenia title= ZarmonyMatic Mikec+$58,840.00
United Kingdom title= ZephyrBilly Card+$134,762.05
United States title= ZunaChris Buechter+$23,301.43

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