Mykhaylo "HoT" Novopashyn - WarCraft III Player

Mykhaylo Novopashyn
Date of Birth:
August 5, 1986
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$45,135.00 From 28 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$130.58 From 1 Tournament
0.29% of Total Prize Money Earned

2009-04-18WIN» ZOTAC Cup Warcraft III #82€100.00$130.58WarCraft III

$33,201.50 From 18 Tournaments
73.56% of Total Prize Money Earned

2007-11-191stTeam-based Tournament » WC3L Season XII Finals€714.29$1,046.97WarCraft III
2007-10-252ndASUS Open Autumn 2007-$400.00WarCraft III
2007-10-214th» IEST 2007 (WarCraft III)CN¥10,000$1,331.86WarCraft III
2007-06-244thTeam-based Tournament » WC3L Season XI Finals€166.67$224.49WarCraft III
2007-05-305th-6th» MBCGame WWW III 2007-$200.00WarCraft III
2007-05-272ndASUS Open Spring 2007-$965.00WarCraft III
2007-03-212nd» EM I - Finals (WarCraft III)€8,000.00$10,645.56WarCraft III
2007-03-181st» WCG SEC 2007 (WarCraft III)€4,000.00$5,327.19WarCraft III
2007-03-115th-8thGame-X 2007p.25,000$953.02WarCraft III
2006-11-262nd» ASUS Autumn 2006 (WarCraft III)p.20,000$757.55WarCraft III
2006-10-223rd» WCG 2006 (WarCraft III)-$8,000.00WarCraft III
2006-10-011st» InCup #8€200.00$257.59WarCraft III
2006-09-241st» InCup #7€200.00$257.59WarCraft III
2006-08-275th-6th» ASUS Summer 2006 (WarCraft III)p.5,000$186.53WarCraft III
2006-06-243rdTeam-based Tournament » WC3L Season IX Finals€250.00$312.66WarCraft III
2005-09-171st» EuroCup XI LAN: WarCraft III€1,500.00$1,840.49WarCraft III
2005-05-223rdTeam-based Tournament » WC3L Season VII Finals-$75.00WarCraft III
2005-02-282ndASUS Open Winter 2005-$420.00WarCraft III

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$11,802.92 From 9 Tournaments
26.15% of Total Prize Money Earned

2008-07-27WIN» WEG e-Stars 2008 (WarCraft III)-$4,000.00WarCraft III
2008-06-145th-6thPGL Season 3 (WarCraft III)CN¥10,000$1,448.69WarCraft III
2008-03-099th-10th» EM II - Finals (WarCraft III)-$500.00WarCraft III
2008-03-091st» WCG SEC 2008 (WarCraft III)€2,500.00$3,854.23WarCraft III
2008-01-271stESL Pro Series Season Ukraine-$1,085.00WarCraft III
2007-12-235th-6thOLDI PG Cup Autumn Season Final-$75.00WarCraft III
2007-12-151stOLDI ProPlay Cup Autumn #15p.7,000$220.00WarCraft III
2007-12-081stOLDI ProPlay Cup Autumn #14p.7,000$220.00WarCraft III
2006-01-223rdTeam-based Tournament » Stars War #2-$400.00WarCraft III


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