Vladimir "ROBO" Neskey - CS:GO Player

Vladimir Neskey
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$15,476.02 From 25 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results from Offline/LAN Tournaments

$999.51 From 3 Tournaments
6.46% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-12-091stTeam-based Tournament META '18 Winter(BYR) 320.00$150.69Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-07-293rd-4thTeam-based Tournament MID.TV Cyber Cupp.25,000$398.13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-04-291stTeam-based Tournament WINSTRIKE Open Cupp.28,000$450.69Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$6,000.00 From 1 Tournament
38.77% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-05-011stTeam-based Tournament » StarLadder CIS Minor Championship 2016 - Cologne-$6,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$120.00 From 1 Tournament
0.78% of Total Prize Money Earned

2012-05-202ndTeam-based Tournament » Techlabs Cup Belarus 2012-$120.00Counter-Strike

Results from Online Only Tournaments

$6,686.51 From 10 Tournaments
43.21% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-09-263rdTeam-based Tournament OGA Counter PIT Season 6-$720.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-07-173rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO Advanced Season 31 - Playoffs-$450.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-07-163rd-4thTeam-based Tournament GameAgents League Season 3 Playoffs-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-06-301stTeam-based Tournament » Kalashnikov Cup #2-$3,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-06-252ndTeam-based Tournament » WINNERS League - Season 2: Europe Invite Division Playoffs-$600.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-05-212ndTeam-based Tournament VulkanBet Invitational-$1,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-05-011stTeam-based Tournament » LOOT.BET Hotshot Series Season 3: CIS Qualifier-$250.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-04-167thTeam-based Tournament » WePlay! Forge of Masters Season 1: Regular Season-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-03-311stTeam-based Tournament CIS ESports Invitational-$140.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-02-123rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » QIWI TEAM PLAY Season 3p.8,333$126.51Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$600.00 From 4 Tournaments
3.88% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-12-193rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » WINNERS League - Season 1: Invite Division Playoffs-$300.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-08-263rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » Ceh9 ES.BET Weekly #1-$50.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-05-042ndTeam-based Tournament » Stream.me Gauntlet - CIS vs EU #20-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-03-224thTeam-based Tournament EGB Battles-$50.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$930.00 From 5 Tournaments
6.01% of Total Prize Money Earned

2017-12-151stTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO Main Season 26 - Playoffs-$540.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-11-163rdTeam-based Tournament » MakeMy.bet Championship #1-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-04-295th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ESEA EU CS:GO Open Season 24-$70.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-03-202ndTeam-based Tournament LOG Cup #2 2017-$100.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-02-143rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » Binary Dragons Cup - Season 3-$20.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$140.00 From 1 Tournament
0.90% of Total Prize Money Earned

2014-08-271stTeam-based Tournament » StarLadder ProSeries - Season 10 (CS:GO)-$140.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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