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Overall Esports Stats For 2005

Total Prize Money: $4,129,757.77
Total Tournaments: 311
Total Active Players: 1306
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $13,278.96
Mean Earnings/Player: $3,162.14
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $3,841.38
Median Earnings/Player: $785.04

Top Players of 2005 for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$4,900.008 Players1 Tournament
 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Year)Total (Game)% of GameTotal (Overall)% of Total
1.Canada Chris- -$1,500.00|$20,310.727.39%|$20,310.727.39%
2.Spain Rukie- -$1,000.00|$1,400.0071.43%|$1,400.0071.43%
3.Serbia DauTDrako Dautovic$700.00|$24,324.102.88%|$36,324.101.93%
4.Korea, Republic of iamgruntKang, Byung Geon$500.00|$82,466.670.61%|$139,466.670.36%
5.Brazil Alive__- -$300.00|$2,436.6712.31%|$2,436.6712.31%
6.Poland PL_PeEL- -$300.00|$550.0054.55%|$550.0054.55%
7.Israel CsI_Ramirez_- -$300.00|$300.00100.00%|$300.00100.00%
8.Canada L_Clan_2ScareD- -$300.00|$300.00100.00%|$300.00100.00%