Age of Empires II Esports

Age of Empires II

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$2,494,455.73 From 1301 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
1999-12-01 to

Top Player Rankings from Viet Nam for Age of Empires II

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Viet Nam ACCMHoang Huy$35,242.01$36,227.6897.28%
2.Viet Nam BacTBien, Ha$33,392.38$33,956.0598.34%
3.Viet Nam saymynameDang Thanh Nhan$12,650.77$12,942.4497.75%
4.Viet Nam SongSongLong -$5,545.00$5,545.00100.00%
5.Viet Nam BadBoyBui Anh Tu$5,467.40$5,467.40100.00%
6.Viet Nam CooLHuy Nguyen$4,331.81$5,568.4877.79%
7.Viet Nam Fish- -$2,375.79$2,375.79100.00%
8.Viet Nam SeOul- -$2,154.22$2,154.22100.00%
9.Viet Nam Sida_RollsRoyce- -$757.25$757.25100.00%
10.Viet Nam novalily- -$524.29$524.29100.00%
11.Viet Nam TieuQuyNguyễn Việt Tiệp$443.75$1,910.9623.22%
12.Viet Nam HoangHoang Nguyen$330.00$330.00100.00%
13.Viet Nam Cro- -$308.33$308.33100.00%
14.Viet Nam Mr.Bean- -$229.38$229.38100.00%
15.Viet Nam VNS_Aztecs- -$214.29$214.29100.00%
16.Viet Nam VNS_Devil_1- -$214.29$214.29100.00%
17.Viet Nam VNS_Devil_Lina- -$214.29$214.29100.00%
18.Viet Nam VNS_Ellvt_- -$214.29$214.29100.00%
19.Viet Nam VNS__HK- -$131.25$131.25100.00%
20.Viet Nam _Nhok_- -$119.58$119.58100.00%
21.Viet Nam VNS_All- -$110.00$110.00100.00%
22.Viet Nam VNS_Franky- -$90.00$90.00100.00%
23.Viet Nam VNS_KoolPixel- -$90.00$90.00100.00%
24.Viet Nam Exchange- -$83.33$83.33100.00%
25.Viet Nam lalala- -$83.33$83.33100.00%
26.Viet Nam madeincholo- -$83.33$83.33100.00%
27.Viet Nam Olala- -$83.33$83.33100.00%
28.Viet Nam KaKa_- -$60.00$60.00100.00%
29.Viet Nam BluE__EyeS- -$50.00$50.00100.00%
30.Viet Nam KuTaTaXoa- -$50.00$50.00100.00%
31.Viet Nam Uee_- -$48.38$48.38100.00%
32.Viet Nam TheGamer__- -$30.00$30.00100.00%
33.Viet Nam VNS_NganSao__- -$30.00$30.00100.00%
34.Viet Nam JF__- -$20.00$20.00100.00%
35.Viet Nam NeW_DayS_- -$20.00$20.00100.00%
36.Viet Nam Minh Anh- -$17.50$17.50100.00%
37.Viet Nam Wiki AoE- -$17.50$17.50100.00%
38.Viet Nam QuangTrungZ- -$6.25$6.25100.00%
39.Viet Nam VNS_FasT_- -$6.25$6.25100.00%
40.Viet Nam Cheng__- -$4.38$4.38100.00%
41.Viet Nam Cho'Gath - The ancient monster- -$4.38$4.38100.00%
42.Viet Nam DT_hero- -$4.38$4.38100.00%
43.Viet Nam Kaiz da poet- -$4.38$4.38100.00%
44.Viet Nam KLove_me- -$4.38$4.38100.00%
45.Viet Nam Kobanqua- -$4.38$4.38100.00%