Age of Empires II Esports

Age of Empires II

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$2,914,107.99 From 1426 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
1999-12-01 to

Top Countries For Age of Empires II

1.Norway Norway$335,136.2635 Players
2.China China$308,684.86157 Players
3.Canada Canada$257,822.0044 Players
4.Austria Austria$185,899.5819 Players
5.Spain Spain$179,484.4675 Players
6.Brazil Brazil$166,314.7382 Players
7.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$151,951.4116 Players
8.Finland Finland$134,659.1128 Players
9.Germany Germany$134,241.43196 Players
10.Serbia Serbia$129,296.625 Players
11.Viet Nam Viet Nam$119,778.3558 Players
12.Argentina Argentina$100,857.0591 Players
13.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$80,674.13100 Players
14.United States United States$72,026.58155 Players
15.Russian Federation Russian Federation$62,661.70103 Players
16.France France$58,009.86137 Players
17.Japan Japan$50,303.0556 Players
18.Hong Kong Hong Kong$36,417.2053 Players
19.United Kingdom United Kingdom$33,433.4570 Players
20.Poland Poland$25,967.0154 Players
21.Sweden Sweden$18,418.3933 Players
22.Italy Italy$15,901.6447 Players
23.Netherlands Netherlands$15,007.9041 Players
24.Turkey Turkey$13,746.6743 Players
25.Czech Republic Czech Republic$12,327.7833 Players
26.Mexico Mexico$11,849.9067 Players
27.Greece Greece$11,400.835 Players
28.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$11,280.0016 Players
29.India India$10,380.4565 Players
30.Australia Australia$9,657.8952 Players
31.Peru Peru$9,303.316 Players
32.Belgium Belgium$9,066.027 Players
33.Chile Chile$8,675.4932 Players
34.Denmark Denmark$8,019.2214 Players
35.Ukraine Ukraine$7,218.3112 Players
36.Slovenia Slovenia$7,059.168 Players
37.Bulgaria Bulgaria$5,865.123 Players
38.Israel Israel$5,767.397 Players
39.Ireland Ireland$5,087.305 Players
40.Belarus Belarus$3,509.704 Players
41.Switzerland Switzerland$3,220.9832 Players
42.Hungary Hungary$2,669.0528 Players
43.Lithuania Lithuania$2,343.433 Players
44.Portugal Portugal$2,044.5814 Players
45.New Zealand New Zealand$1,470.463 Players
46.Latvia Latvia$1,352.843 Players
47.Romania Romania$1,091.6219 Players
48.Uruguay Uruguay$1,052.688 Players
49.Estonia Estonia$997.673 Players
50.Colombia Colombia$884.8711 Players
51.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$665.859 Players
52.Pakistan Pakistan$664.889 Players
53.Singapore Singapore$650.001 Player
54.Algeria Algeria$525.001 Player
55.Malta Malta$453.331 Player
56.Slovakia Slovakia$336.003 Players
57.Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of$312.501 Player
58.--UNDEFINED-- --UNDEFINED--$309.259 Players
59.Croatia Croatia$301.906 Players
60.Åland Islands Åland Islands$250.001 Player
61.South Africa South Africa$226.049 Players
62.Sri Lanka Sri Lanka$210.001 Player
63.Malaysia Malaysia$177.601 Player
64.Bahrain Bahrain$125.002 Players
65.Albania Albania$100.001 Player
66.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates$62.501 Player
67.Bolivia Bolivia$50.001 Player
68.Luxembourg Luxembourg$41.591 Player
69.Montenegro Montenegro$35.001 Player
70.Paraguay Paraguay$27.002 Players
71.Morocco Morocco$25.591 Player
72.Lebanon Lebanon$23.501 Player
73.Macao Macao$20.001 Player
74.Venezuela Venezuela$0.002 Players