Age of Empires II Esports

Age of Empires II

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$3,368,097.65 From 1673 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
1999-12-01 to

Top Player Rankings from Korea, Republic of for Age of Empires II

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of iamgruntKang, Byung Geon$74,430.50$131,430.5056.63%
2.Korea, Republic of MozoryChung, Myung Jin$25,050.00$25,050.00100.00%
3.Korea, Republic of kkab__Kim, Heesang$19,543.59$19,543.59100.00%
4.Korea, Republic of KovenLee, Jae Baek$17,675.00$17,675.00100.00%
5.Korea, Republic of Nv_-, -$9,403.20$9,403.20100.00%
6.Korea, Republic of JaksalJun-ki, Kim$2,208.49$2,208.49100.00%
7.Korea, Republic of _ShiriHyun Guk, Shin$2,208.49$2,208.49100.00%
8.Korea, Republic of RD_ChampioNAhn, Seo Yong$725.00$725.00100.00%
9.Korea, Republic of poZ_Owl-, -$357.14$357.14100.00%
10.Korea, Republic of BabyNam, Hyun Woo$200.00$1,757.9311.38%
11.Korea, Republic of Pak_Se_Ri- -$100.00$100.00100.00%
12.Korea, Republic of _Jackal_2000_- -$50.00$50.00100.00%