Telkom Gaming Championship 2014

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2014-10-10 to 2014-10-12

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.South Africa South Africa$899.2015 Players


DGC 2014 (Battlefield 4)R 20,000.00$1,798.47Battlefield 4 
DGC 2014 (CoD: Ghosts (PC))R 41,000.00$3,686.85Call of Duty: Ghosts 
DGC 2014 (CoD: Ghosts (Xbox 360))R 44,000.00$3,956.62Call of Duty: Ghosts 
DGC 2014 (CS:GO)R 10,000.00$899.24Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
DGC 2014 (Dota 2)R 122,000.00$10,970.63Dota 2 
DGC 2014 (LoL)R 10,000.00$899.24League of Legends